A Perfect Day
Episode Tongue Tied
Character(s) Blythe Baxter
Sung by Ashleigh Ball
Length 1:49
Season Season 3
Episode Transcript Tongue Tied

A Perfect Day is a Disney-esque song sung by Blythe Baxter in Tongue Tied, when she expects a very lazy day ahead of her.


A Perfect Day
Finally the day I've been waiting for
A day just for me, and nothing more
I've got nothing but time, you see
It's a day to do what I want for only me
Blythe: (sighs) Now let's see.
I won't take the garbage can out
I won't put away my clothes
Even if I want to help out
No, I won't worry
For today is a carefree
Laze-about day for me
Just sit back and relax with a book
Eating ice cream so I don't have to cook
I could stare up at the clouds
As the birds sing their happy song
Blythe: Oh, hello.
I could take little naps throughout the day
Blythe: (snores)
I could just sing aloud
To everyone I see
Today, I'm going to spend the day
With no responsibility
Blythe: (sighs)
Finally, the day I've been waiting for
A day just for me, and nothing more
Hum a lullaby
While I prettify,
Eat a piece of pie
How can I deny
A holiday
Doing macramé
As I nap away?
Blythe: (snores)
For today is a laze-about,
Lie-around, unrenowned,
For today is a wonderful day
Just for me!
Blythe: (gasps) What the huh?!
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