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Littlest Pet Shop (2012 TV series) Wiki
All Around The World
Episode The Expo Factor - Part 1
Character(s) Delilah
Sung by Tabitha St. Germain
Lonnie DeLisle
Tiffany Desrosiers
Rebecca Shoichet
David Steele
Brad Strelau
Catherine St. Germain
Length 1:49
Season Season 2
Episode Transcript The Expo Factor - Part 1
International versions

All Around The World is sung by Delilah as she explains what she does, where she has been, and tells the pets how they can show off different fashions and outfits.

The song has a musical style similar to many modern American and Korean pop songs, such as Psy's "Gangnam Style" or "Gentlemen."


All Around The World.png

Delilah: All right, petlets. Eyes on the kitty-eeeee!
Pets from London to New York
Rome, Paris, and Milan
Barcelona to Madrid and
Even Tokyo, Japan!
Come from all around the globe
Bringing fashion to this show
Every eye is on us
On us
Camera click!
All around the world you can find her
All around the world you can find her
You know they love me.
Step into my world
Clothing prepped, hair is curled
Eyes perfect, add some flash
Got me a'itude to match
Runway laid out at your feet
When you walk it's to the beat
Take a step, try not to trip
Vinnie: What was that last part? Whoa! Oof!
When you figure out your style
Strike a pose, never smile
Make a face, you're thinking hard
Looking like you're looking far away


Far away, far away, far away...
Russell: Uh, what's she looking at?
Sunil: I don't know, but it looks interesting!
All around the (simultaneous solo voice: fashion!) world you can find her
All around the (simultaneous solo voice: fashion!) world you can find her
All around the world you can find her
All around the world you can find her
I think I love you!
[Russian Bear]
Russian Pavilion!
[Brazilian Monkey]
Brazilian Pavilion!
[Chinese Tiger]
Chinese Pavilion!
[Italian Dog]
Italian Pavilion!
[German Shepherd]
Ze German Pavilion!
[French Poodle]
French Pavilion!
[Spanish Lizard]
Espanish Papilion!
You strut your stuff
[Penny Ling]
I strut my stuff!
You strut your stuff
I strut my stuff!
You strut your stuff
I strut my stuff!
And then you spin...
Sunil: Whee!
You strut your stuff
I strut my stuff!
You know you're in
Russell: Really?
Get to the end
And then you stop!
Minka: What are we waiting for?
Zoe: Shh! It's suspenseful!
Russell: Uh, no, I think the song is actually over.


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