Littlest Pet Shop (2012 TV series) Wiki
Littlest Pet Shop (2012 TV series) Wiki
Physical Information
Species Peacock
Sex Male
Personal Information
Residence Downtown City's botanical gardens
Production Information
Debut Proud as a... Peacock?
Voiced by Peter New

Basil is the newest resident of Downtown City's botanical gardens. He had a big televised debut in Proud as a... Peacock?.

While the gardens were getting prepared for her, he stayed at Littlest Pet Shop. The toyline gives his name as Basil Featherstone.


Basil is proven to be very nervous and timid. He is also a clean freak and constantly washes his feathered hands. On top of that, he also has a case of allergies and worries about minor things.


In December 2014, a toy of Basil was announced to be available on mid-2015. With the ID #3834, he is in the "Wings, Fins & Beaks" group.


  • "A floppy bow tie can make you accomplish things you never thought possible?"


  • Basil's vocal mannerisms and square glasses are similar to Woody Allen.


Basil is ready.png

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