Big Al
Big Al
Physical Information
Species American Alligator
Sex Male
Personal Information
Aliases Big Alligator
The Living Thrash-Compactor
Residence Storm Drain
Production Information
Debut Fish Out of Water
Voiced by Peter New

Big Al is a green-scaled alligator with a Canadian accent who lives in Downtown City's storm drain. Sunil was afraid of going there due to the story about him, unknown by the other pets: "A few years ago, someone flushed their pet baby alligator down the toilet, and he grew [...], and now, he's a giant alligator." Russell dismissed the story as being an urban myth, but they later came across him.


His backstory is likely based on the film Alligator.


Russell, Sunil, Vinnie, Pepper and Penny Ling meet him while looking for Goldy in the storm drain's stream, using newspaper boats. They learn he is very friendly, despite Sunil's scary story. Russell was amazed that the "myth" of an alligator living in the storm drain was real. Big Al tells them he helps to clean up the storm drain by gathering up the trash, compacting it with his strong bite and bringing it to the dump.

He sees Goldy heading to the Water Treatment Facility and tells the pets he'll get chopped to bits if he gets there. He helps the pets to go after him, but blocks the path because they'd get sucked into the plant if they went any further. Russell ties a rope to his snout and then lassos a plastic bowl over for Goldy to jump in. Big Al chomps to pull him over.

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