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Biskit Twins Rhapsody
Episode Grounded
Character(s) Brittany and Whittany Biskit
Roger Baxter
Sung by Shannon Chan-Kent
Gordon Maxwell[1]
Danny Balkwill
Rebecca Shoichet
Catherine St. Germaine
David Steele
Robert Wilson
Jessica Zraly
Length 2:40
Season Season 2
Episode Transcript Grounded
International versions

Biskit Twins Rhapsody is a song that Brittany and Whittany and Roger sing together as he is working as their chauffeur and turns the limousine's radio to "old" music (classic rock opera). Roger tries to get the twins to be nice.

Daniel Ingram claimed he "had to spend a day studying Queen to even attempt it." He also gave special thanks to Caleb Chan and David Corman "for their stellar guitar playing on the production".[1]


Biskit Twins Rhapsody.png

Kids should try to behave nicely
[Biskit Twins]
What is the point of being nice?
Whittany: To the mall, driver.
Brittany: Like, now!
Instead of spending, you could try giving
[Biskit Twins]
We want more!
Let's go find a bigger store!
Buying more won't make you happy
[Biskit Twins]
We don't agree, but now we need some more money!
Workin' hard is the best reward that you could ever get
Spend the day with your sleeves rolled up
[Biskit Twins]
And smell like sweat!
Getting wet!
Sounds to us like a regret!
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!
There's more to life than looking pretty
[Biskit Twins]
Jealous you don't look this good?
Not me!
Helping others makes you happy
[Biskit Twins]
We agree!
If you are helping me
Whittany: Ugh. I think he's getting in my head.
Brittany: I know! He's starting to, like, make sense!
[Biskit Twins]
You know it's not easy being the mean girls in the school
No one understands it's hard to think of new ways to try to be cruel
I would like to see the day when nobody has to hate
We see each other's point of view and always tolerate
[Biskit Twins]
Maybe he's right
We've been wrong all along
We could be nice, and just sing this old man's song
Working hard is the best reward that you could ever get
Spend the day with your sleeves rolled up, and live with no regret
[Biskit Twins]
Life is good
Now we've learned to just be nice
Learned to just be nice!
[Biskit Twins]
We don't have to say it twice!
Aw, yeah!


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