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Walkerstar Walkerstar 26 July

Littlest Pet Shop: Season 5, Episode 14: Sunil’s Sister

Note: I know there won't be a Season 5 of LPS, but this is just a fan-made episode idea I came up with. Also, this is a work-in-progress. Tell me what you think of it so far.


Ashleigh Ball as Blythe Baxter

Kathleen Barr as Sarika Nevla

Tabitha St. Germain as Pepper Clark

Jocelyn Loewen as Penny Ling

Peter New as Sunil Nevla

Nicole Oliver as Zoe Trent

Kyle Rideout as Vinnie Terrio

Kira Tozer as Minka Mark

Samuel Vincent as Russell Ferguson

Episode opens in the day camp where Sunil is the first to be dropped off.

Sunil: *looks around* Huh. I must be the first one here. *sighs* I feel so lonely without my friends. *sits down on his cushion* Ahh, so comfy! *lies down on his back and grabs his plushie cobra when all of a sudden his stomach grumbles* Oh, gre…

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Metalhead3001 Metalhead3001 30 May

Littlest Pet Shop live action Spin-Off?

So guys I actually thought about doing a live action direct spin-off to Littlest Pet Shop it will completely ignore Littlest Pet Shop world of Our Own I've been wondering who should I cast as the humans.

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LalaloopsyFan6 LalaloopsyFan6 22 May

LPS ideas


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Gsb22291 Gsb22291 8 July 2020

Littlest Pet Shop/The Secret Life Of Pets 2

  • Zoe As Max
  • Pepper As Chloe
  • Sunil As Snowball
  • Penny As Daisy
  • Minka As Gidget
  • Vinnie As Rooster
  • Russell As Busy Bee
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PrincessTwilightSparkle98 PrincessTwilightSparkle98 2 March 2020

Accurate Pet Colors

On the My Little Pony Wiki, the exact colors of the characters are given, including a link. I have done some digging myself. Here are my results. If you find more colors, comment them and provide the link.

  • 1 Zoe Trent
  • 2 Pepper Clark
  • 3 Vinnie Terrio
  • 4 Minka Mark
  • 5 Sunil Nevla
  • 6 Russell Ferguson
  • 7 Penny Ling
  • 8 Buttercream Sunday

  • Light brilliant purple fur
  • Pale mulberry markings along her face, eyelids, and chest
  • Moderate blue violet ears and bangs, with Luminous vivid cerise streak
  • Gradient of Light opal to Moderate opal eyes

  • Medium gray body
  • White markings and hair
  • Grayish cerise eyes
  • Dark gambogeish gray inside of her ears

  • Luminous vivid spring bud body
  • Moderate pistachio hair, chest, and stomach

  • Light rose body
  • Very light rose markings
  • Pale raspberry hair
  • Gradient of …

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PrincessTwilightSparkle98 PrincessTwilightSparkle98 13 December 2019

If LPS had a Season 5 - Ideas

I wish Hasbro made a season 5 of LPS. If they did, I would like at least half of these ideas to be shown. Comment on these thoughts or comment your suggestions for a hypothetical season 5.

These episode ideas are not necessarily in chronological order. There will still be 26 episodes in the season.

  • Amending Fences - After the events from Pitch Purrfect, Zoe Trent and Delilah encounter each other again, and the latter wants to make it up to the former.
  • My Little Pets - In this two-part crossover with My Little Pony, Blythe Baxter and the pets encounter the ponies after something weird causes the LPS characters to end up in Ponyville. Now, they have to go back home.
  • Under the Weather - the pets get sick for real, and Blythe has to find out what ha…

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PrincessTwilightSparkle98 PrincessTwilightSparkle98 18 November 2019

LPS vs. Larva

Hey everyone! Hope you are still here! I am new here! I am going to release a game series called LPS vs. Larva on Gamestar Mechanic. It is about the characters of Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony, and Sofia the First facing off nonviolently against violent characters of Larva.

One day, Blythe and the pets get new day camp visitors, the Larva characters. They attempt to establish friendly relations, but the latter responds with hostility. Eventually, Blythe and the pets get sick of it, and ask the bugs to leave. They then decide to make them leave, which is where the MLP characters and Sofia come in. The attempt fails, but Sofia gives them a tip to go to her kingdom for help. Blythe, Vinnie, Minka, and Sunil embark on a journey to find the w…

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1222brown 1222brown 17 September 2019

Littlest Pet Shop/Mission:Impossible-Fallout

  • Zoe Trent as Ethan Hunt
  • Madame Pom as August Walker
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12gb 12gb 11 June 2019

Littlest Pet Shop/The Secret Life Of Pets 2

  • Zoe Trent as Max
  • Pepper Clark as Chloe
  • Sunil Nevla as Snowball
  • Penny Ling as Daisy
  • Minka Mark as Gidget
  • Vinnie Terrio as Rooster
  • Russell Ferguson as Busy Bee
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Homeless Alchoholic Homeless Alchoholic 6 May 2019

First blog


I'm making this first blog post so I can get the badge, AND to let you know that I'm actually PuddingShoes, but I lost my password, oopsie.

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1222brown 1222brown 16 March 2019

Littlest Pet Shop/Sing (2016)

  • Zoe Trent as Buster Moon
  • Sunil Nevla as Rosita
  • Minka Mark as Gunter
  • Penny Ling as Meena
  • Pepper Clark as Ash
  • Vinnie Terrio as Miss Crawly
  • Russell Ferguson as Johnny
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1222brown 1222brown 24 January 2019

The Littlest Pet Shop Movie 3 Scenes

  • 1 1-4
  • 2 5-8
  • 3 9-12
  • 4 13-16
  • 5 17-20
  • 6 21-24
  • 7 25-28
  • 8 29-30

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1222brown 1222brown 16 January 2019

Littlest Pet Shop/Mission Impossible: Rougur Nation

  • Zoe Trent as Ethan Hunt
  • Sunil Nevla as Benji Dunn
  • Penny Ling as William Brandt
  • Vinnie Terrio as Luther Stickell
  • Pepper Clark as Solomon Lane
  • Russell Ferguson as Alain Hunley
  • Minka Mark as Ilsa Faust
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1222brown 1222brown 16 January 2019

Littlest Pet Shop (Season 7)

  1. Impossible Mission (Part 1)-The pets find out that the Biskit twins are on a mission to destroy the Littlest Pet Shop.
  2. Impossible Mission (Part 2)-When Zoe finds out that Gail has been captured, the Biskit twins plan to send her back to the Largest Ever Pet Shop.
  3. 80’s Zoe-Zoe decides to dress up like Michael Jackson, so she challenges Madame Pom to a dance fight.
  4. Bad Kitty-When Zoe doesn’t know that Sugar Sprinkles is having a bad, she gets ripped to shreds.
  5. Dangerous Rescue-When Gail falls into a thin & icy lake, Zoe & Blythe must save her before she drowns.
  6. LPS Orchestra-When some of the orchestra students at Blythe’s school get sick, the pets decide to participate in the orchestra.
  7. Tropical Getaway-When Russell & Zoe end up stranded in the mi…
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Gb98786 Gb98786 7 January 2019

Littlest Pet Shop/Despicable Me 2

  • Zoe as Gru
  • Minka as Lucy
  • Sunil as Eduardo/El Macho
  • Penny as Margo
  • Russell as Dr. Nefario
  • Pepper as Silas
  • Vinnie as Floyd
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Gb98786 Gb98786 6 January 2019

The Littlest Pet Shop Movie McDonald’s Toys

  1. Singing Zoe
  2. Surprised Sunil
  3. Kung Fu Penny
  4. Talking Vinnie
  5. Sneezing Pepper
  6. Rolling Russell
  7. Swinging Minka
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1222brown 1222brown 18 December 2018

Littlest Pet Shop (Season 6)

  1. Zoe Takes Charge
  2. Zoe’s Opera
  3. Jaded
  4. Vinnie Take A Dip
  5. Schism
  6. Meteor Shower
  7. Fish Fight
  8. A Very Close Shave For Buttercream
  9. Continental Drift (Part 1)
  10. Continental Drift (Part 2)
  11. Sugar Owns Up
  12. Popstar Zoe
  13. Bad Luck
  14. Zoe Comes To Breakfast
  15. Undermined
  16. Zoe’s Christmas
  17. Hearty Party
  18. Fallout
  19. Russell Goes Missing
  20. Sub Zero Heroes
  21. Love Me Tender
  22. What’s Come Over Me?
  23. Penny In The Dark
  24. Stranger Danger
  25. Dance Fight
  26. Tail Troubles
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1222brown 1222brown 14 December 2018

The Littlest Pet Shop Movie 2 Cast

  • Nicole Oliver as Zoe
  • Kathleen Barr as Madame/Anna/Poppy
  • Tabitha St. Germain as Gail/Pepper/Delilah
  • Ashleigh Ball as Blythe
  • Samuel Vincent as Russell/Josh
  • Peter New as Sunil/Cop/Monban
  • Kyle Rideout as Vinnie
  • Michael Kopsa as Roger
  • Kira Tozer as Minka
  • Jecolyn Loewen as Penny
  • Kelly Metzger as Sugar
  • Shannon Chan-Kent as Youngme/Ezila/Brittany
  • Cathy Weseluck as Buttercream
  • Heidi Klimt as Heidi
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1222brown 1222brown 10 December 2018

The Littlest Pet Shop Movie 2 Scrnes

  • 1 1-4
  • 2 5-8
  • 3 9-12
  • 4 13-16
  • 5 17-20
  • 6 21-24
  • 7 25-28
  • 8 29-31

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1222brown 1222brown 5 December 2018

The Littlest Pet Shop Movie 2 (Soundtrack)

  1. Logo/Zoe Goes To A Restaurant-John Debney_1:42
  2. A Walk In The Sunshine-John Debney_3:01
  3. Into The Sunset-John Debney_3:02
  4. Meteor Shower-John Debney_2:44
  5. Madame Pom Vs. Zoe Trent-John Debney_0:52
  6. Pets Run Amok-John Drbney_1:29
  7. Going To Bed-John Debney_0:39
  8. Vinnie Tries To Relax_1:50
  9. Lost-John Debney_2:29
  10. The Runaway-John Debney_2:10
  11. The Crash-John Debney_2:34
  12. Train Of Thought/Train Chase-John Debney_7:56
  13. Surprise Departure-John Debney_5:14
  14. Zoe’s Got A Plane To Catch-John Debney_3:07
  15. Zoe And Gail-John Debney_0:24
  16. The Mission-John Debney_2:49
  17. Evil Lair-John Debney_3:29
  18. Dungeon Mayhem-John Debney_0:35
  19. Intermezzo-John Debney_5:02
  20. Checking Out The Cave-John Debney_3:46
  21. Wild Ride-John Debney_2:03
  22. My Feet Are Sweaty/Running From The Lava-John Debney_2:56
  23. Zoe’s Plan-John …

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Gb98786 Gb98786 29 November 2018

Littlest Pet Shop/Thomas & Friends

  • Zoe as Thomas
  • Sunil as Edward
  • Penny as Henry
  • Vinnie as Gordon
  • Pepper as James
  • Russell as Percy
  • Minka as Toby
  • Buttercream as Duck
  • Sugar as Oliver
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Gb98786 Gb98786 25 November 2018

The Littlest Pet Shop Movie Scenes

  • 1 1-4
  • 2 5-8
  • 3 9-12
  • 4 13-16
  • 5 17-20
  • 6 21-24
  • 7 25-28
  • 8 29-32
  • 9 33-36

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12gb 12gb 25 November 2018

The Littlest Pet Shop Movie Cast

  • Ashleigh Ball as Blythe (Protagonist)
  • Nicole Oliver as Zoe (Deuteragonist)
  • Kyle Rideout as Vinnie (Tritagonist)
  • Peter New as Sunil (Tetartagonist)
  • Samuel Vincent as Russell (Quintagonist)
  • Tabitha St. Germain as Pepper (Sexagonist)
  • Jocelyn Loewen as Penny (Heptagonist)
  • Kira Tozer as Minka (Octagonist)
  • Tabitha St. Germain as Gail (Nonagonist)
  • Kathleen Barr as Anna (Decagonist)
  • Michael Kopsa as Roger (Endecagonist)
  • Shannon Chan-Kent as Youngmee (Dodecagonist)
  • Peter New as Digby (Subtagonist)
  • Samuel Vincent as Fisher (Antagonist)
  • Shannon Chan-Kent as Brittany & Whittany (Secondary Antagonists)
  • Peter New as Monban (Tertiary Antagonist)
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1222brown 1222brown 23 November 2018

List Of The Littlest Pet Shop Movie Songs Not Listed On The Soundtrack

  1. Despicable Me-Pharrell Williams_0:20
  2. Zoe’s Lament-Nicole Oliver_3:31
  3. Take On Me-aha_3:45
  4. I’ll Be Around-Spinners_3:10
  5. Underground-Tom Waits_1:58
  6. Best Part-Daniel Caesar_3:30
  7. Keep On Truckin’-Eddie Kendricks_3:21
  8. Last Xmas-Wham_2:19
  9. Help-Beatles_2:18
  10. Friends-Blake Shelton_3:07
  11. Make ‘Em Laugh-Tabitha St. Germain_0:44
  12. Bad-Michael Jackson_4:11
  13. Do Your Thing-Isaac Hayes_3:15
  14. Flowers-Leon Bridges_2:57
  15. Back In Black-AC/DC_4:15
  16. You’re The Best Thing Yet-Anita Baker_5:36
  17. Of That Pyre-Andrea Bocelli_2:16
  18. Smoke On The Water-Deep Purple_5:40
  19. Minion March-Michael Giacchino_1:17
  20. Try-Jay Chou/Patrick Brasca_4:01
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1222brown 1222brown 22 November 2018

Littlest Pet Shop: Characters Favorite Music Genres

  • Zoe:Jazz
  • Vinnie:Rock
  • Sunil:Classical
  • Russell:Country
  • Pepper:Rap
  • Penny:R&B
  • Minka:Metal
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Gb98786 Gb98786 20 November 2018

The Littlest Pet Shop Movie (Soundtrack)

  1. Come By Me-Nicole Oliver_5:10
  2. Logo-Michael Giacchino_0:10
  3. The Glory Days-Michael Giacchino_1:44
  4. Gailbreak-Michael Giacchino_1:04
  5. The Runaway-Michael Giacchino_1:08
  6. Littlest Pet Shop-Michael Giacchino_1:23
  7. A Walk In The Sunshine-Michael Giacchino_3:01
  8. Sold-Michael Giacchino_0:51
  9. Travel Mortage-Michael Giacchino_2:11
  10. Biskit Chateau-Michael Giacchino_3:14
  11. Time For Bed-Michael Giacchino_1:27
  12. Dungeon Mayhem-Michael Giacchino_0:35
  13. Evil Lair-Michael Giacchino_3:29
  14. Dead End-Michael Giacchino_1:01
  15. Underground-Michael Giacchino_3:18
  16. Going Undercover-Michael Giacchino_3:25
  17. Here We Go!/Up The Tower-Michael Giacchino_3:21
  18. Sneaking-Michael Giacchino_3:37
  19. Intermezzo-Michael Giacchino_5:04
  20. Explosion-Michael Giacchino_0:19
  21. Fire!-Michael Giacchino_1:29
  22. Storm-Michael Giacchino_3…

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1222brown 1222brown 13 November 2018

My Top 7 Favorite Littlest Pet Shop Characters

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RobinWilliamsFan RobinWilliamsFan 19 August 2018

Bring Back Littlest Pet Shop for Season 5

Sign and share this petition to bring back Littlest Pet Shop for more additional seasons!

And no doubts, flames, or naysayers of any kind.

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Bradenplier Bradenplier 6 July 2018

LPS Humans

This is some LPS humans in real life

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Bradenplier Bradenplier 5 June 2018

LPS movie (my idea)

So, I will send a letter to Hasbro studios in Burbank, California soon. It's asking for an LPS movie. Inviting me to write the plot.

Here is what the letter says

Dear Hasbro,

I am an Arizonan named Braden Hendrickson. I wrote ideas for 4 other directors, and I also have ideas for movies and series I want to make as an adult. I was wondering if you could bring back LPS and make an LPS movie before bringing it truly back to TV. So, in the movie, Zoe (Nicole Oliver), Blythe (Ashleigh Ball), Russell (Sam Vincent), Minka (Kira Tozer), Sunil (Peter New), Vinnie (Kyle Rideout), Penny (Jocelyne Loewen), and Pepper (Tabitha St. Germain) hear about how the Biskit family has become dictators of downtown city, persecuting people they dislike. It’s up to …

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1222brown 1222brown 4 April 2018

LIttlest Pet Shop (Season 5)

  1. When All Your Friends Are Gone
  2. To Freedom And Beyond
  3. Scary Movie Night
  4. Old As Dirt
  5. Zoe Runs Away
  6. Purple Haze
  7. Lost In Paradise
  8. Drainage Pipe Crash
  9. Vinnie’s Lazy Day
  10. Dinner Rush
  11. Zoe Sings The Blues
  12. Cheep Bananas
  13. Pepper’s Big Sneeze
  14. Sister Sitter
  15. In Remembrance Of Me
  16. The Zoe Show
  17. Back And Bigger Than Ever (Part 1)
  18. Back And Bigger Than Ever (Part 2)
  19. Snow Day
  20. Escape From The Spa
  21. The Dam Breaks Away
  22. Invasion
  23. Game On!
  24. Zoe’s Party
  25. Naughty Vs. Nice
  26. A Little Secret Life
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Jay Jay Viglirolo Jay Jay Viglirolo 25 March 2018

Movie Idea

I have an idea for a Littlest Pet Shop movie:

It will be a live-action/CGI-animated film by Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation & Allspark Pictures.


Odeya Rush as Blythe Baxter

Ed Helms as Roger Baxter 

Julie Andrews as Anna Twombly

David Koechner as Fisher Biskit

Anya Taylor-Joy as Brittany & Wittany Biskit

Voice Cast:

Ryan Reynolds as Russell Ferguson

Judy Greer as Minka Mark

Adam Sandler as Sunil Nevla

Melissa McCarthy as Pepper Clark

Drew Barrymore as Penny Ling

Jim Parsons as Vinnie Terrio

Katy Perry as Zoe Trent

Leslie Mann as Buttercream Sunday

Anna Kendrick as Sugar Sprinkles

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Kosmo10 Kosmo10 7 December 2017

The 10th short of LPS2018

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Kosmo10 Kosmo10 3 December 2017

Guess what?

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Kosmo10 Kosmo10 24 November 2017

lps2018 - new short

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Kosmo10 Kosmo10 16 November 2017

New short of LPS2018 with a little surprise

GUYS, Quincy Goatee is voiced by Kyle Rideout !!!

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Kosmo10 Kosmo10 11 November 2017

5th Anniversary of LittlestPetShop2012

The series premiered on the Hub Network on November 10, 2012

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Kosmo10 Kosmo10 9 November 2017

Eh, I don`t know how to call this post(new short of Lps2018)

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Kosmo10 Kosmo10 3 November 2017

Yep, new short of LPS2018

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Humanarian Humanarian 1 November 2017

No more designs

Greetings, everyone!

As you can probably tell, this blog post is going to be about the "joy" of being a designer admin on Wikia. And about the fact that I refuse to be a designer here any longer.

Allow me to get straight to the point: being a creative designer is not allowed on the Wikia. Every time you try to be creative and decorate your beloved wiki with something special, there will be a rule that you'll end up breaking. And therefore, your design and creative ideas will get rejected and denied. Along with you.

For example... Remember my "Day and Night" design? I wonder if any of you have noticed that starting from a specific Wikia update, the banners have suddenly disappeared. Would you like to know why? Allow me to quote the section "Change…

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Smv19 Smv19 25 October 2017

LOS Short Ranking

Rule: I'm disqualifying the foreign shorts because I want the shorts to be in English.

1. Eat de Pepper

2. Tail-Rave-Ium

3. Where'd the Escargot?

4. What's Next?

5. Sour Puss

6. Littlest Pet Peeves

7. The Ladies of LPS

8. The Biggity Big Dog Show

9. The Fire Hydrant Song

10. Naptime's a Ball

11. Monkey Chase

12. So Like Bored

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Kosmo10 Kosmo10 25 October 2017

The Fourth Short Of LPS2018

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Kosmo10 Kosmo10 20 October 2017

Guess what? Yes, you got it alright! It`s time for new short of Lps2018!

By the way, composers of new Lps are Banks & Wag ( )

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Kosmo10 Kosmo10 14 October 2017

New short of LPS2018

Also, first episodes of LPS2018 will air on DiscoveryFamily in spring

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Kosmo10 Kosmo10 5 October 2017

First short of Lps2018

Surprise, surprise, news about Lps2018! Again... Surprise.

It was strange but kinda cute. Lps2012 is still better than this.

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Kosmo10 Kosmo10 3 October 2017

Theme song of LPS2018

...well, that is not good(imho)?

I miss LPS2012 and especially songs by Daniel Ingram :с

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Kosmo10 Kosmo10 22 September 2017

The first trailer of Lps2018

The first trailer of LPS 2018 is here! Well, it looks a lot like old lps. Heh, Hasbro has finally "brought old lps back!" And there won`t be Blythe as this show is about city "built by pets for pets" The animation is not bad, but Boulder Media can do better(for example, "Wander over yonder").

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Kosmo10 Kosmo10 18 July 2017

Behind the Voice Actors 2017 Awards Nominate Fuzzy Gumbopaws VA

Brian Drummond as Fuzzy Gumbopaws is a nominee for "Best Male Vocal Performance in a Supporting Role"!

You can vote here:

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Zoetrent45 Zoetrent45 17 July 2017

Humanarian's... Youtube Channel?

Hi, everyone! I don't have much time because we are going to go to Target to get some clothes for our Great Wolf Lodge Trip! (Which is tomorrow, and I'm really excited.) So let's right get to the point.

I was recently just watching some LPS  (See Blog Post #1) with my headphones, and basically just browsing Youtube while doing that. Well, more like listening to LPS and browsing through Youtube CHANNELS. I was doing this for about 30 minutes now (I know, I'm SO productive with my free time) when I came across a certain channel. And it was none other but HUMANARIAN! Yes, THE Humanarian . Shocking, right? Also, if you are reading this, hi Humanarian! No offence on your behalf. I just never thought you would have a YOUTUBE. Again, no offence. F…

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