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This page describes all of the outfits Blythe has worn in the series. Include pictures if you can.

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Everyday Clothes

  • In Blythe's Big Adventure Part One and Two, Blythe wore a purple-blue top with an almost knee length peach skirt, black shoes, and pantyhose with star pattern. She has a gold necklace and wore her hair in a ponytail with an orange scrunchie. She wears the same thing again in Littlest Bigfoot but her hair is worn down with a peach bow.
  • During the second half of the pilot, Blythe wore a blue button-down jacket over a gray tank top and pair of black jean shorts with hearts all over them and a plain belt. She also had a pair of knee length pink boots and wore her hair in low braids held with pink flowery and tan bubble pieces.
  • A blue shirt worn over a gray dress with dark gray line detailing, black bracelet, plain gray pantyhose, and black flats. Her hair was worn down and wavy, and also had a blue bow on the side.   
  • A violet and lilac striped shirt with a knot tied on the side, worn with dark wash capri pants, white and red sneakers, and two bracelets. Her hair was worn in a ponytail tied with a scrunchie.
  • A spotted blue top with slightly puffed sleeves over a white tank top with gray capri pants and black flats. 
  • A red shirt with double gold necklaces and a pair of jean short-shorts with a brown belt with a star in the center. Her hair is worn down with a bit of a wave near the bottom with a red bow.
  • Light purple shirt under a blue jacket, dark blue shorts, tan jewelry, belt, and boots. The clip on her belt is purple.   
  • White and dark blue striped shirt with blue jeans and a red belt and flats. She had her hair worn in braids with her normal hair pieces.
  • A gray and pale blue dress with ribbon around the waist, blue pantyhose, and gray shoes. Her hair was worn in a plain ponytail.
  • A white tank top with sky blue half-jacket and a pair of dark gray jean shorts worn with a black belt with small cyan blue flower. Also tall gray boots, black bracelet, and a blue pearl bracelet. She wore her hair flat and pulled her bangs mostly back. Later she pulls her hair into a ponytail with a blue scrunchie and dons a blue-gray beanie with a flower clipped to it.
  • A yellow polka dot top under white shirt and long sea foam green skirt. Along with a pair of gray boots. Hair worn down.
  • A pink T-shirt, khaki-green jeans, and multiple pink bracelets. Her hair is worn in braided pigtails held with pink pieces and a reddish flower in her hair. She also wore a pail blue and purple helmet with a pair of dark purple skates.
  • A very pale yellow shirt under a loose, light green top with glittery designs on it and a dark pair of jeans. Her shoes are plain flats. Her hair is fully pulled back and down.
  • A light gray T-shirt with deep red skirt with a striped belt segment, gold necklace, black shoes, and a pair of fishnet pantyhose with star markings. Her hair is pulled up into a bun with multiple loose curls of hair in the front.
  • A teal T-shirt with a single dark blue paw-print on the chest, dark blue-gray ruffled skirt, white pantyhose, knee length gray-purple boots, and a single purple bracelet. Her hair was worn up in a ponytail with her bangs loose with hair framing her face.
  • Black T-shirt with white frilly layered skirt and black belt. She wears her normal black shoes, a gray pair of pattern pantyhose, and her normal gold necklace. Her hair is worn down with a peach bow,
  • A deep blue glittery blouse over a very pale pink tank top. Along with red jeans, dark red/brown flats, and a purple wristwatch. Her hair is worn up in a bun with a few loose curls, while her bangs are brushed to the side.
  • A bright purple top with white skirt and a pair of darker purple shoes. She also has on a purple and white headband, a black belt, necklace, and pantyhose with a star decoration.
  • Pale yellow top worn with a dark gray/black pleated skirt worn with a red belt. She also has red hair pieces, tall red boots, a gold heart necklace, and pale yellow flowers worn in her hair, which was styled in pigtail-braids.
  • A dark teal dress with lined detailing all over it worn under a bright cyan jacket. Worn with gray pantyhose, dark gray sneakers, a red bracelet, red hair pieces, and a pink flower. 
  • White shirt with many blue lines and details on it, dark wash denim caprism dark blue and white sneakers, and a dark blue headband with white spots all over it. Her hair was worn straight down.
  • A purple top with denim shorts and tall purple boots. Her hair was worn in a normal ponytail with the scrunchie. She also wore a butterfly necklace she designed.
  • Dark teal shirt worn with her usual gold heart necklace, rose skirt with dark teal, white, and rose markings on it, gray pattern pantyhose, black shoes, and a rose headband,
  • White shirt, gold necklace, blue-gray skirt, lavender pantyhose with purple stars, dark purple shoes, and a red bow.
  • A white tank top underneath a purple jacket, black belt with a purple and lavender flower on it, jean shorts, tall black boots, sky blue bracelets, and a purple bow.
  • A pink sparkly crop top worn over a white tank top with black pants, flats, and a pink headband.
  • A sky blue shirt with two white necklaces, A gray belt with an ice blue and aqua star, periwinkle shorts, and tall blue gray boots. She had her hair in braids with teal and aqua flowers and bubble pieces.
  • A white tank top underneath a light green jacket with turquoise pants, a dark purple bracelet, and purple flats.
  • A light orange shirt with light yellow stripes, two yellow bracelets, an olive green bracelet, light blue caprices, lime and white sneakers, and a tan bow.
  • A lavender shirt with gold necklace, light green skirt, black pantyhose with gray stars, blue-gray shoes, and a light green headband.
  • A rose and black polka dot dress with a black collar, bow, and hem.
  • A black frilly dress with a polka dot and rose jacket and belt and a rose headband.
  • A gray shirt with her gold necklace, black skirt with teal, white and gray markings, a teal belt with a white buckle, pantyhose, black shoes, and a teal headband.
  • A black crop top over a lavender tank top with a pink polka dot infinity scarf with lavender frills, sky blue pants, and flats. Her hair is worn in braided pigtails with a pink, tan, and green flower in it and pink bubble pieces.
  • A green shirt with double dark purple necklaces, a black belt with a gray star buckle, gray shorts, and tall black boots.
  • A pink shirt with lighter pink caprices and periwinkle sneakers with white detailing.
  • A teal crop top over an aqua tank top with ice blue pants and purple flats. Her hair is worn down and wavy with a peach bow.
  • A rose shirt with light red stripes tied into a knot on the side with blue-gray caprices and white and light blue sneakers. Her hair is worn in a bun with a few loose curls hanging on her face.
  • A pink top, gold necklace, black skirt with pink, white, and teal details, a pink belt with a teal buckle, gray pantyhose, and black shoes. Her hair is worn in pig-tailed braids with a pink flower and pink and teal bubble pieces.
  • A red shirt over a white dress with gray line detailing, black pantyhose, red shoes, and a red and white headband.
  • A pink tank top underneath a light blue jacket, a black belt with a pink flower, blue-gray shorts, and tall ice blue boots.
  • A gray t-shirt with her usual gold heart necklace, a green skirt, gray star pattern pantyhose, and black shoes.
  • A rose shirt, gold heart necklace, rose belt with a white buckle, light gray skirt, dark gray pantyhose, and black shoes.
  • A teal shirt tied in a knot on the left, two light yellow bracelets, two teal bracelets, gray pants, and teal and white shoes. Her hair is worn in braids with teal hair pieces.
  • A pink shirt with double gray necklaces, a black belt with a gray star, black shorts, and tall gray boots. Her hair is worn straight down with a pink headband.
  • Same outfit as in Missing Blythe, but the top was white and her hair was worn in a plain ponytail with a teal scrunchie.
  • A cream colored dress with black detailing and black shoes.
  • A sparkly red-orange crop top over a white tank top with black pants and flats.
  • A bright purple shirt underneath a blue jacket with a black belt with a purple flower, white shorts, and tall dark purple boots. Her hair has purple hair pieces.
  • A light orange tank top, turquoise and brown bracelets, a turquoise layered skirt with light orange flowers, light orange shoes, and a light orange bow.
  • Same outfit as in The Treasure of Henrietta Twombly, but with dark wash caprices, a rose bracelet, aqua and white shoes, and a rose headband.
  • A lavender shirt over a pink dress with dark pink line detailing, gray pantyhose, a lavender bracelet, black shoes, and a pink bow.
  • Same shirt from Shanghai Hi-Jinks, a light green leaf patterned skirt, brown sandals, and a blue beaded necklace.
  • A dark teal and white shirt, dark teal and white bracelets, light green caprices, and white shoes.
  • Same outfit from Penny For Your Laughs, but with a pink tank top and headband.
  • A white tank top under a light blue jacket, black and gold bracelets, a black belt with a gold flower, blue-gray shorts, and tall pink boots.
  • A lavender shirt with a black and white necklace, yellow skirt, cream colored pantyhose, and black shoes. She had a lavender bow on until Mona told her to take it off. She then dons a black beanie with a flower.
  • A rose tank top under a yellow jacket, a blue belt with a gold flower, blue gray shorts, tall blue boots, and a blue headband.
  • A spotted green shirt with many bracelets, blue jeans, and purple and yellow shoes. Her hair is worn in pigtails.
  • A red shirt, purple neckerchief, green jacket, light purple beanie, fuchsia pants, and short brown boots.
  • An aqua dress with a pink belt under a yellow jacket with small brown-gray boots. Her hair is worn in two low buns with pink flower clips. 
  • A red striped jacket with a heart pin over a white shirt with blue pants and orange flats.
  • A green dress with a red belt tied into a knot and gray shoes. Her hair is worn down and wavy while her  bangs are brushed out. She wears a pink headband.
  • A bright blue tank top with a long gray skirt, a black necklace, and flats. Her hair is worn in a braid.
  • A baby pink shirt underneath a purple-blue jacket, a black belt with a white heart shaped buckle, a maroon colored skirt, and light black boots. 
  • A very pale brown dress under a sky blue jacket, a brown belt with a buckle, blue earrings, and light brown boots.
  • A white shirt underneath a dark red shirt, a purple star necklace, dark purple jeans, and black boots.
  • A light purple tank top, a yellow feather necklace, a fuchsia belt, a long white skirt, and dark pink flats.
  • A blue striped jacket over a very pale pink shirt, purple pants, a lavender bracelet, and dark purple flats.
  • A white shirt, dark blue belt with rose beads, blue skirt, and dark brown shoes.
  • A teal and light green jacket with a star pin, a cream colored shirt, blue leggings, and rose shoes.
  • A teal shirt, her feather necklace, a long pink skirt, dark purple flats, and light pink headband.
  • A white shirt underneath a dark blue jacket, a red neckerchief, jeans, and light black boots.
  • Same outfit from the first episode but with plain gray pantyhose and a "B" on the shirt.
  • A white shirt, blue jacket, black belt with ice blue heart buckle, and dark blue boots.
  • A lavender shirt, ice blue jacket, pink flower pin, purple leggings, pink beanie, and brown-gray boots.
  • A purple top, white beaded necklace, purple headband, light purple belt, black skirt, and flats.
  • Dark blue top, red belt, light blue skirt, and red boots.
  • Same outfit from "Some Assistance Required" but her hair is swept down and wavy with a yellow headband and she wears black pantyhose and pink boots.

Special Occasions

  • A blue dress with sequined top half and a pair of white dancing shoes. Blythe's hair was pulled up into a very detailed bun with few loose curls.
  • For her segment on Terriers and Tiaras, Blythe wore a pink top with Zoe's face on it, a purple skirt, dark purple shoes, and purple-gray pantyhose with stars on them. Her hair was worn down and wavy.
  • After becoming a "stage mom", Blythe's hair was very curly and she wore dark makeup. Her outfit became a neon purple dress with white frills and tan cowboy boots. The Zoe shirt she wore remained.
  • A minty dress with three layers of ruffles. Worn with a green necklace, belt, and black heels with the part over the foot being white. Her hair was worn in a single bun.
  • For the Biskits' birthday party, Blythe wore an almost knee-length dress with purple frills, a purple belt, black shoes, a beaded necklace, a purple shoulder bag, and black and purple bracelets. Her hair is worn down and wavy.


  • As a spy in Gailbreak!, Blythe wore her hair down with black cap, black elbow sleeve shirt, boots, and a pair of black capris.
  • In hopes of turning Sue away from copying her, Blythe dressed in very gawdy attire consisting of a green and blue jersey with an 8 on the front, purple skirt with pale purple ruffled lining, orange leggings with yellow spots, black boots, and a pair of soft-blue fuzzy leg warmers. On her head was a purple hat with red band and a big yellow feather. She wore her hair in a ponytail.
  • For gym, Blythe wears a purple shirt with a picture of a rabbit on it and a pair of blue-purple knee length pants, along with a pair of white sneakers.
  • For swimming, Blythe wears a golden / orange zigzag striped two piece swimsuit.
  • The Mathletes shirt is yellow with a deep purple icon in the middle and green lining.
  • As a baby, Blythe wore a pink shirt with a big pink and white bunny eared hood, diaper, and pink booties.
  • As a younger girl, her magician costume consisted of a top hat, cape, and dark brown fake mustache.
  • As a little girl, Blythe was shown to wear her hair in low, curled buns held with purple hair pieces. She wore a pink sweater with light pink stripes and darker pink hearts, a dark pink skirt, and a pair of pink boots.
  • A white and pink apron.
  • A lab coat and goggles
  • For the election in Inside Job, Blythe wore the same outfit as Whittany. Her hair was worn down and wavy and she wore a bow in her hair the same color as the blazer.
  • A violet jacket worn over a light pink shirt, a violet skirt, and black heels. Her hair was the same as it was when she was a stage mom.
  • A white robe with a purple "B" sewn into it. She had a face mask and cucumbers on her eyes. Her hair was in a ponytail and had a white towel on it.
  • A pair of pink footie pajamas with white polka dots and a zipper. Her hair is pulled up into a bun. She wore the same thing in her dream in The Expo Factor Part 1, but her hair was down and wavy and she wore a baby pink bow.
  • A pair of brown overalls over a white shirt and red flats.
  • A purple wizards cloak with light yellow stars, a dark purple belt, a watch necklace, and a dark purple hat with stars and a purple ribbon. Her hair is worn in pigtails.
  • A gray sweat shirt and the same pants and boots as above.
  • A purplish gray winter coat with reddish pink pants, tall black boots with fur, black gloves, and a reddish pink winter hat.
  • When Blythe is going skiing with the Biskits, she wears a puffy black coat over a pink shirt with pink and gray sweatpants, pink, black, and gray boots, black gloves, and a pink sweatband.
  • A few years before she moved to Downtown City, Blythe wore a pair of short sky blue polka dotted overalls with a pale yellow shirt, socks, and red sneakers. Her hair was worn in a braid with a red headband and she had a retainer.
  • A pink shirt with light pink cuffs and dark pink line detailing tied into a not over a white tank top with a pair of light brown shorts, a brown belt, gray socks with a single red line on them, and brown hiking boots. Her hair is worn in a ponytail with a pink scrunchie.
  • A black vampire suit with dark blue detailing and a red cape. Her hair is styled to look like a vampire's and she has on dark red lipstick.
  • During her Baxter and Stinky act with Pepper, Blythe wore a long sleeved red and blue striped shirt with light blue shorts, yellow suspenders, white socks with a green line on them, and black sneakers.
  • A pink purple and green flower petal dress with pink wings and a pink flower necklace.
  • Same outfit as in Super Sunil, but covered in orange soda.
  • A pair of purple and white pajamas. In the pilot, the top had a pink heart on it.
  • A red flannel, blue jeans, and red sneakers. Her hair is worn in braids.
  • When Vinnie imagines why Blythe can talk to pets, she wears two unusual outfits. The first one is a green rain jacket with yellow cuffs over a red and blue striped dress with gray pantyhose, a purple and orange stripped hat with bunny ears and a pink puff ball, a bright purple umbrella and sky blue rain boots. The second one is a bright purple dress with puffed sleeves, yellow buttons, a white belt, cuffs, and collar, gray pantyhose, red rain boots, and a bright pink baseball cap.
  • During the flashbacks in The Treasure of Henrietta Twombly, Blythe's ancestor Sheriff Baxter wears a light purple vest with a sheriff's star over a long-sleeved white shirt with a pair of gray pants, a black belt, light purple cowboy boots, and a gray hat.
  • During Minka's fantasy of why Blythe can talk to the pets, as a young girl, Blythe wore a leopard / cheetah cave girl outfit and torn brown booties. Her hair was up in two messy pigtails. 
  • During Youngmee's fantasy of how Blythe can use her ability to talk to pets to solve crimes, Blythe wears the same SCI outfit as Whittany. She has purple glasses with darker purple lenses and her hair is held up in a ponytail by a pink bow.


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