Blythe's Big Idea
2x11 -Blythe's Big Idea
Season 2, Episode 11
Production Information
Air DateJanuary 4, 2014
Written byStory by: Julie McNally Cahill & Tim Cahill and Roger Eschbacher
Teleplay by: Roger Eschbacher
Supervising directorDallas Parker
Directed byJoel Dickie
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Blythe's Big Idea is the eleventh episode of the second season of Littlest Pet Shop and the thirty-seventh episode overall.


Blythe trades in her beloved scooter for a sales kiosk so she can enter the International Pet Fashion Expo. Meanwhile, Roger's airline launches a "Pet Jet" service and the pets use it to launch one of their biggest fantasies yet.

Songs featured



  • Kylee Epp as Zoe Trent
  • Laura Hastings as Penny Ling



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