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S2E08 Bruce crop.png
Physical Information
Species Green Iguana
Sex Male
Personal Information
Aliases Bruce the Iguana
Production Information
Debut The Big, Feathered Parade
Voiced by Colin Murdock
"You-"guana" lawyer? Well, you'll find one at the Iguana Legal Firm!"

Bruce the Legal Iguana is the mascot of the Iguana Legal Firm. Vinnie is a big fan of him, saying "we reptiles gotta stick together" and getting a "reptile crush" teasing accusation from Zoe.


Prior to the airing of the episode, various guides referred to "Vinnie's idol" as Nigel.[1]


The Iguana Legal Firm was sponsoring The Big Feathered Parade for the year, making Bruce its grand marshal. Interested in meeting his hero in person, Vinnie implored to Blythe to take him with her to the parade's warehouse.

There, Zoe and Vinnie found Bruce. Amazed at how tall he looked, they did not realize he was not a real animal. The man behind Bruce got thirsty and asked for the biggest water bottle that could be found, offering in exchange the chance of riding the float with him. Interested on this "very-recent-dream-come-true", Vinnie went with Zoe to search the hugest possible bottle of water.

He managed to take the container from a water truck and tried to log-roll it to Bruce, making it bump into the float. It was then revealed that Bruce was really a motion capture virtual character played by Morgan, who had enough of the silly act and quit. Blythe then suggested that Vinnie, who was disappointed that his hero was not real, should play Bruce.

In later episodes, Bruce appears on several advertisements of the Iguana Legal Firm, like television commercials and benches with the "Iguana lawyer" catchphrase.


  1. The Big, Feathered Parade
  2. To Paris With Zoe (cameo)
  3. Sweet Pepper (cameo)
  4. Sleeper (cameo)
  5. War of the Weirds (cameo)
  6. It's the Pet Fest! - Part 1 (cameo)
  7. It's the Pet Fest! - Part 2 (cameo)



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