This page is a full summary/list of every single character who have appeared in Littlest Pet Shop, in order. Here you can find links to the real pages consisting of quotes, information, pictures, and much, much more!


Image Name Notes
Lps-character-blythe 252x252 Blythe Baxter Aspiring Fashion Designer, daughter of Roger Baxter and currently working at Littlest Pet Shop
Lps-character-roger-baxter 252x252 Roger Baxter Father of Blythe Baxter and an airplane pilot
2llyas7 Anna Twombly Owner of Littlest Pet Shop
Lps-character-biskit-twins 252x252 Brittany and Whittany Biskit Twin Daughters of Fisher Biskit
Fisher Biskit Fisher Biskit Owner of Largest Ever Pet Shop and father of Biskit Twins
Aunt Christie Christie Owner and manager of Sweet Delights
Youngmee Song Youngmee Song A friend of Blythe who works at Sweet Delights
Sue Patterson Sue Patterson A friend of Blythe who loves sports
Jasper Jones Jasper Jones A humorous friend of Blythe
John and Clarissa John and Clarissa Trent Owners of Zoe Trent
Morgan Payne Morgan Payne World-famous art critic
S1E05 Mailman crop Mailman Brings mail in Penny For Your Laughs and gives flowers to Mrs. Twombly. Also appears at Secret Cupet.
2x07 - What, Meme Worry.mp4 snapshot 21.08 -2013.12.23 22.46.07- François LeGrande The Biskit's butler
Josh Sharp Josh Sharp A boy Blythe has a crush on
Manager Stage Manager A production manager of various projects
Security Guard Security Guard A guard who worked at various places
Jane Jane
Mr Kim Mr. Kim Owner of the one last chance drift shop.
Traffic Cop Traffic Cop
Ken Kankatka Ken Kankatka Owner of Olive Shellstein
Char 92596 Alice A girl who lives across Littlest Pet Shop
S1E21 Christopher talking about pageant dogs Christopher Lyedecker Pageant director for the hit reality show Terriers and Tiaras
Littlest-pet-shop-judy-jo-jameson 510x339 Judi Jo Jameson Former owner of Princess Stori
Phillippa Philippa Judi Jo Jameson's niece-in-law
Cindeanna Mellon Cindeanna Mellon Owner of Shea Butter
Tanya Twitchel ID Tanya Twitchel Owner of Sam U.L.
Madison Madison Temporary employee of Littlest Pet Shop
McKenna Nicole McKenna Nicole From the Fashion Universerly North day camp.
Mr Bromidic Mr. Bromidic Teacher at Fashion University North
Miss Westerkamp Miss Westerkamp Teacher at Fashion University North
Ginny Hues Ginny Hues The host of the T.V. show "Wake up People!"
Yadon'say Yadon'say A silent pop diva
Finola Frum ID Finola Frum Employee of Nummy Nuggets Pet Food Company and owner of Sweet Cheeks.
Riley Robinson Riley Robinson Host of Treasure Hunters
Henrietta Twombly Henrietta Twombly Anna Twombly's great-great-grandmother
Britman and Whitman Biskit Brittman and Whittman Biskit Brittany and Whittany Biskit's ancestors
Ramon and Desi Ramon Float parade designer.
Morgan Morgan Played Bruce in The Big, Feathered Parade.
Fred Fred Employee at the Museum
Mona Mona Autumn Fashion Editor in Chief of Tres Blasé Magazine and owner of Cairo.
S3E03 Phoebe crop Phoebe Mona Autumn's assistant.
Chef Henri Chef Henri A chef who works for the Pet Jet.
The King The King Cousin of Minka's owner's cousin's cousin.
Stephanie Stephanie Hart Roger Baxter's co-pilot
Emma Emma Hart Stephanie Hart's daughter
Littlest Pat Littlest Pat A short man who dresses like a leprechaun.
Bob Flemingheimer Bob Flemingheimer Host of the talk show Late Afternoon with Bob Flemingheimer
War of the Weirds Laura Laura Roger Baxter's aunt, mentioned by him in War of the Weirds, as he recalled having seen clouds that looked like her.
S3E03 Oliver crop Oliver St. Oliver Head of pet modeling. Works for the Tres Blasé magazine.
S3E03 Clover Fields crop Clover Fields Reclusive designer.
Tess McSavage Tess McSavage World-famous zoologist.
Mr. McHat
Mr. Coyfield
Mr. McHat Owners of Whiskers and Sideburns.
Mr. Coyfield


Image Name Notes
Vi Tannabruzzo Vi Tannabruzzo A mean gym girl who plays basketball.
Gym Teacher Gym Teacher Gym teacher
Mr Banks Mr. Banks Poetry teacher
Mrs Mondt Mrs. Mondt Math teacher
Sherman Sherman Blythe and Youngmee's mathlete classmate.
Morris Principal Morris The principal of Downtown City High
Mr Sawdust Mr. Sawdust Janitor
School Cook Lunch Lady Lunch lady
School Mascot School Mascot
School Nurse School Nurse
Robinnia Amster Robinnia Amster
Bob Barish Bob Barish


Image Name Species Notes
Zoe-Trent-zoe-trent-33186354-252-252 Zoe Trent Dog
(Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
Owned by John and Clarissa Trent and a dog fashion model 
Lps-character-penny-ling 252x252-copy Penny Ling Panda
1nz2au Pepper Clark Skunk
Dzh3zm Minka Mark Monkey
Osbwc1 Russell Ferguson Hedgehog
2l978yv Sunil Nevla Mongoose Owned by the Nevla family.
Qsqxl1 Vinnie Terrio Gecko
Genghis crop Genghis Dog
Owned by Morgan Payne
Gail Gail Trent Dog
(Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
She's Zoe's sister
ThCATDKBZS Tootsie Dog
(Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
He was mistaken for Gail by Zoe
Char 85661 Tiger Cat
Mary Frances Mary Frances Pig
Esteban Banderas Esteban Banderas Parrot
Madame Pom Madame Pom Dog
Dog fashion model
Kerry-littlest-pet-shop-on-the-hub-33640498-262-317 Scout Kerry Cat
Char 89180 L-Zard Chameleon See L-Zard's crew
Tumblr mgztk1pC0K1s008vgo2 400 Forky Skink
Tumblr mgztk1pC0K1s008vgo3 400 Lazy Susan Basilisk
Tumblr mgztk1pC0K1s008vgo4 400 Fish Sauce Skink
Tumblr mgztk1pC0K1s008vgo5 400 3DGB Skink
Tumblr mgztk1pC0K1s008vgo6 400 Bearded Lady Bearded Dragon
Tumblr mgztk1pC0K1s008vgo7 400 Lemonface Spiny Lizard
Tumblr mgztk1pC0K1s008vgo8 400 Ted Dancin' Iguana
Tumblr mgztk1pC0K1s008vgo9 400 Skink-a-dink-a-dinkity-dink Newt
Tumblr mkujbciYWS1rvul6to6 500 Shahrukh Mongoose Fabulous Mongoose Superstar
Digby smiling at Zoe Digby Dog He is Zoe's love interest
S1E14 Prickly Rat crop Prickly Rat
ScreenCapture 12.02.13 2-03-16 Buttercream Sunday Bunny Owned by Aunt Christie
Sprinkles Sugar Sprinkles Cat Lives in the Sweet Truck
Olive Shellstein Olive Shellstein Tortoise Owned by Ken Kankatka
Pete Pete Rat Lives at the junkyard
Hawk Hawk
Princess Stori Princess Stori Dog Formerly owned by Judi Jo Jameson
Tumblr mk8j8jB8Ht1s008vgo1 400 Shea Butter Dog
Owned by Cindeanna Mellon
ThCA5QY9W8 Sam U.L. Dog Owned by Tanya Twitchel.
Old Bananas Old Bananas Orangutan Star of "That's My Orangutan"
Sunil's Mom ID Sunil's Mom Mongoose Appeared at a fantasy in Frenemies.
Sunil's Dad ID Sunil's Dad
Shivers Shivers Squirrel He had excessive hoarding issues
Hubble crop Hubble Bird Hatched and named by Russell Ferguson.
S2E02 Woodpeckers crop Woodpecker Three of them went after a girl in The Nest Hats Craze!. There's a toy with their appearance.
Ollie reading a book Ollie Arms Octopus Was on the way to the aquarium, but fell off the truck and ended up at Littlest Pet Shop.
Steve crop Steve Water Cobra Escaped from Largest Ever Pet Shop. He was caught by the park maintenance and now lives at the zoo
Racoons Raccoons Live at Downtown City Park. They act, look, and sound like Indians
Joey Featherton crop Joey Featherton Pigeon Lives at Downtown City Park. He lives with the Raccoons since he's the only non-raccoon who can understand them/ 
Sweetcheeks Sweet Cheeks Sugar Glider Owned by Finola Frum
S2E05 Poodles close up Poodles Cat
Desi headdress Desi Bird
Formerly owned by Ramon
ScreenCapture 20.02.14 19-31-31 Wiggles McSunbask Alligator
Cairo Cairo Cat Owned by Mona Autumn
Juan Juan Jorge José Dog Dog food commercial dog. He fell in love with Zoe and wanted her to run off with her to Hollywood, but Zoe refused since she was more in love with cameras.
Phillippe Philippe Dog
(French Spaniel)
Street mime from Paris
Canine Cop crop Canine Cop Dog
(German Shepherd)
Owned by the Traffic Cop. Looks very similar to the recurring German Shepherd, except the latter has black hind paws.
Captain Cuddles Captain Cuddles European Polecat Pepper is in love with him and he is the one thing that triggers her happy scent.
Lin Pang Ling Pen Panda Penny Ling's cousin from Shanghai, China
Ling Jung Ling Jun
Jun Ling Jun Ling
Panda Elder Panda Elder
Mushroom Mushroom Sasquatch
Grinka Grinka Monkey Minka's great-great-grandpa. Was the first monkey in space.
Expo snapshot 20 Delilah Cat European cat fashion model.
Otto Von Fuzzlebutt Otto Von Fuzzlebutt Raccoon
Kittery Banter ID Kittery Banter Cat Blythe gave her a bowl of water when she looked thirsty, in Sleeper.
S3E03 Tangier crop Tangier Dog Model for the Tres Blasé magazine.
S3E04 Baa Baa Lou baaing Baa Baa Lou Pygmy Goat A victim of the Secret Cupid.
Baa Baa Lou's Girlfriend Lolly Pinkington Pig Baa Baa Lou's love interest.
Jebbie Jebbie Black footed ferret Speaks Korean and she and her owner are from Korea.
Desperate Dog Desperate Dog Dog Part of the crowd of troubled pets
Jittery Cat Cat
Sunshine Sweetness Sunshine Sweetness Gorilla She has stuffed panda toy.
Cashmere and Velvet Cashmere Biskit Chinchilla See Cashmere and Velvet.
Velvet Biskit
10489980 687156631333422 4013505907049211258 n (1) Whiskers Koala Feuding cousin koalas.
Parker Parker Penguin Loves the cold and gets very homesick
20150113 221115 Meow-Meow Kitten Asks "Why?" a lot
20150113 220219 Weber Spider Becomes friends with Vinnie in Why Can't We Be Friends?
Cheep-Cheep Cheep-Cheep Monkey He's Minka's cousin
Basil Basil Peacock Very nervous and nerdy
Mitzi Mitzi Skunk Polite and kind and is able to produce pleasant scents
Harold Harold Winston Groundhog Obnoxious and likes to tell trivia despite hardly ever being correct
Heidi Heidi Dog
Owned by Jason 1
Ocho Drummond Ocho Drummond Octopus Owned by Dustin
Strum Basso Strum Basso Sand Cat Owned by Ted
Peg Peg D'Urso Bear Owned by Hayden
Pick Pick Shellville Turtle Owned by Jason 2
Speedy Turtle Old turtle who used to keep Betty`s journal
Ivan Bear He is literary kidder/circus performer, who is also bear!
Jerry Ferguson Hedgehog Russell`s bossy daddy
Vlad the Bat
Vlad Bat He`s handsome and he`s charming, but you cannot trust whis bat~
Shakespeare Dog He looks like and is named after the famous poet, Shakespeare.
Lord Twig
Lord Twigg Beaver
Doctor Handsomeface
Doctor Handsomeface German Shepard He seems to be quite incompetent and dim-witted. Owned by Doctor Mooser
Tenzing Norgert Tenzing Norgert Mountain Goat
PN 42
Nutmeg Dash Cocker Spaniel Youngmee`s pet
Fuzzy Gumbopaws Cat This charming kitty adds some spice to life
Fluffy Lighting Fluffy Lighting Rabbit Josh's pet
Weasel Whiskers Weasel Whiskers Weasel
Peachy Fluffton Peachie Fluffton Quokka Appeared in episode " Its a Happy , Happy , Happy , Happy World .

Recurring Extras

Image Name Species Notes
S1E26 Blue Bird crop Bird Flew by the screen in the beginning of the series. Several lookalikes were fed by an old man in What Did You Say? A deep-voiced one mocked Blythe's excitement in Summertime Blues and had a line in Blythe's Big Idea during Pet Friendly Skies. Was in love with a white dove in Secret Cupet.
S1E01 Squirrel crop Squirrel Admires Blythe's designing while she still lived at her hometown in Blythe's Big Adventure Part One.
S1E01 Benson crop Benson Detwyler Dog
(Yorkie Terrier)
Spoke to Blythe when she ran from the shop on Blythe's Big Adventure Part One.
Kitty There's a toy with her appearance.
S1E01 Pug crop Wagger Hobbs Dog
Claims to be 27 years old.
(German Shepherd)
There's a toy with his appearance.
S1E02 Corgi crop Buster Howe Dog
There's a toy with his appearance.
Oscar Long crop Oscar Long Dog
S1E05 Bulldog crop Dog
Pepper jokes about his drooling in Penny For Your Laughs. There's a toy of a momma bulldog with his appearance.
S1E03 Scottie crop Dog
Has a cameo appearance in Blythe's Big Adventure Part Two. First interacts with Zoe in To Paris With Zoe.
S2E13 Bunny crop Casey Cottonpuff Bunny There's a toy with her appearance.
S1E02 Bird crop Pinky Beekman Bird There's a toy with her appearance.
S1E10 Fish crop Fish Was present at Largest Ever Pet Shop in Gailbreak! and at the Littlest Pet Shop in Eve of Destruction. There's a toy with its appearance.
S1E10 Turtle crop Turtle Was shown in Minka's fantasy in Bad Hair Day, escaped from Largest Ever Pet Shop in Gailbreak!, was present at the Littlest Pet Shop in Eve of Destruction, had his mind attempted to be read by Finola in Pawlm Reading, and appeared in Blythe's Big Idea during Pet Friendly Skies.
S1E10 Snake crop Snake Was present at the Littlest Pet Shop in Eve of Destruction, at the Biskit Twins' Two Times as Cute music video and in Blythe's Big Idea during Pet Friendly Skies. There's a toy with his appearance.
Lucky Browne ID Lucky Browne Cat Was present at the Biskit Twins' Two Times as Cute music video.
Lefty Silverstein ID Lefty Silverstein Mouse Was shown in Minka's fantasy in Bad Hair Day, and escaped from Largest Ever Pet Shop in Gailbreak!
S2E15 Dusty reaction Dusty West Chinchilla Was present at the fashion show to save Littlest Pet Shop in Blythe's Big Adventure Part Two, shown at Minka's fantasy in Bad Hair Day, brought to Finola in Pawlm Reading and helped by Sunil in Super Sunil.


Image Name Species Notes
S1E03 Penguin crop Penguin Appears in Minka's fantasy in Bad Hair Day and in Blythe's Big Idea during Pet Friendly Skies.
1 LPSW Monban-5000 Robot Biskits' security robot
Buddy Buddy Dummy Roger Baxter's dummy for running practice.
Multicolor Stripe Squirrel There's a toy with her appearance.
Lavender There's a toy with her appearance.
Cotton Candy
Plaid Monster Plaid Monster Plaid Monster Has a line during the reprise of F.U.N. Song.
Reptilian Ghost Creature Reptilian Poltergeist An urban legend Russell found in the internet in Eight Arms to Hold You.
TPWZ Bruce Cameo Bruce Iguana
Mascot of the Iguana Legal Firm
Min Ling MinLing Triceratops Imagined by the pets during A Day at the Museum
Mike Mike Velociraptor
Ed Ed Brontosaurus
Swan Sings a verse of Pet Friendly Skies. There's a toy with her appearance.
Van Gogh Van Gogh Human Speaking cameo in Chez Paris
Super Sam Super Sam Human Comic book superhero.
Terra Cotta King Terra Cotta Warrior Chief Human Spirit Sings in Dance Fu Fighting
Dragon Chinese Dragon Chinese Dragon
Ramona Ramona Animatronic bird Ramon's replacement for Desi
Macaw Jazz Trio Macaw Jazz Trio Macaws Play and sing during Song of Brazil.
Squeezy Plushy panda Sunshine Sweetness' favorite toy.


  • Zoe's regular groomer Raul was sick during Bad Hair Day.
    • While grooming Zoe, Blythe tells a story involving Janie, Sarah, Hannah, Alice and Tommy.
  • Mrs. Twombly mentions her aunt Esther, her sister and her cousin in Helicopter Dad.
  • Pete mentions having helped an anteater named Sally who followed a trail of ants into a dumpster the week before What Did You Say?. He says she was a good singer.
  • In Sleeper, Zoe talks with a worn-out Russell about the day before's camper, and he replies that "he was a sloth in name only".
  • In Some Assistance Required, Phoebe tells Blythe she had her doctor, her psychiatrist, her acupuncturist, her chiropractor and her high school guidance counselor to e-mail Mona Autumn about Phoebe needing a day off. The day after, Mona requests Blythe to pick up her dry-cleaning at Fabio's; to get a birthday present to her nephew Zebediah, who loves German toy cars from the 1950's; and to get an appointment with her hypno-aromatherapist.
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