Chase Away the Winter Blues
Episode Snow Stormin'
Character(s) Blythe Baxter
Penny Ling
Zoe Trent
Vinnie Terrio
Minka Mark
Sunil Nevla
Russell Ferguson
Pepper Clark
Sung by Ashleigh Ball
Laura Hastings
Kylee Epp
Kyle Rideout
Kira Tozer
Peter New
Sam Vincent
Tabitha St. Germain
Length 1:54
Season Season 3
Episode Transcript Snow Stormin'
International versions

Chase Away the Winter Blues is a song by Blythe and the pets about having fun in the cold, featured in Snow Stormin'.

In mid June 2014, a video of the song was posted at the Hub's website weeks before the episode airing.


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When you're feeling cooped up
With your nerves about to fray
If you just change your attitude
There's still time to save the day
People in Alaska
Yeah, they do it many ways
If you ask them what it's called
I tell ya, here is what they'll say
You just chase away the winter blues
There are many ways to choose
You can dip some candy apples
Penny Ling: Mmm! Don't mind if I do!
You just chase away the winter blues
I'm not talking ballyhoo
You can play a movie star
And have your friends do interviews
Zoe: Oh! I like that!
Grab some sofa cushions
Stack them side by side
We'll build ourselves a pillow fort
Vinnie: Aah! Did I make it way too high?!
[Blythe, Penny and Zoe]
Chase away the winter blues
Ask the people in igloos
We can just start acting silly
And hop around like kangaroos
What's so great about
[Blythe, Minka, Penny and Zoe]
Sticking to yourself?
Go grab a bunch of books and
[Blythe, Minka, Penny and Zoe]
Pull them off the shelf!
Start to read aloud
'Cause it's a story kind of day
Ooh! Can you please read this scary one
About zombies who crochet?
It's how we
Chase away the winter blues
[Penny Ling]
Write a play starring gnus
We can make them out of sweat socks
Have them talk using kazoos
Chase away the winter blues
Dance ballet in pink tutus
You will cheer up and be happy
When you chase away the winter blues
Yeah, we'll cheer up and be happy
As we chase away the winter blues!


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