Littlest Pet Shop (2012 TV series) Wiki
Physical Information
Species Spider Monkey
Sex Male
Personal Information
Family Minka Mark (cousin)
Professor Shuperman (owner)
Production Information
Debut Pet Sounds
Voiced by Colin Murdock
Sam Vincent (helmet)

Cheep-Cheep is a spider monkey who appears in Pet Sounds. He is Minka's cousin. The toyline gives his name as Cheep Cheep Chipman.


Cheep-Cheep is dropped off at Littlest Pet Shop by his owner Professor Shuperman. He explains that the helmet Cheep-Cheep is wearing is supposed to translate his language into words. However, when he speaks, the helmet translates his words into gibberish. He does not want Cheep-Cheep to suffer the humiliation with him, so he drops him off at Littlest Pet Shop. When Cheep-Cheep shows how it works to the pets, they just laugh about it, finding it funny. Though Cheep-Cheep is so used to this issue that he finds it completely annoying.

Due to a misunderstanding with Blythe, Cheep-Cheep thinks if she can understand him, the helmet must have started to work somehow, meaning everyone else must be able to understand him as well. So he travels all over Downtown City to get to the college to talk to Professor Shuperman. He tries asking a woman for directions, but she is too busy on her smartphone to listen. He sees this as her being snobby rather than the fact she cannot understand him. He gets on a bus and ask the driver if he could ride for free, but the driver kicks him out saying no monkeys on the bus. This happens several times until he becomes so incredibly frustrated that he gives up asking the humans.

Once he gets to the college, Professor Shuperman abandons the helmet for good as he thinks he perfected it, but thinks that animals naturally talk in gibberish. The two bond and accept that while his owner will never understand him, they will always love each other.


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