Chef Henri
Chef Henri
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex male
Personal Information
Occupation Cook
Production Information
Debut Blythe's Big Idea
Voiced by Michael Kopsa
"Buongiorno! Is this the Littlest Pot Shop? I need a tiny little pot."
—Chef Henri, Commercial Success

Chef Henri is a cook who works for the Pet Jet. He spoke a line in French in his first appearance, but had an Italian accent in his second.

His name is only given by the credits of Blythe's Big Idea.


Chef Henri was introduced in the end of Blythe's Big Idea, working as the flight cook for the Pet Jet. He welcomed Blythe and the pets with a phrase in French.

He then appeared in the beginning of Commercial Success, with an Italian accent. He went into Littlest Pet Shop while looking for Littlest Pot Shop, because he needed a small pot. Mrs. Twombly gave him the directions: "a block over and two streets down", for which he thanked and left.



Chef Henri: Bienvenue, mes amis.
Chef Henri: Grazie! You've been most helpful.
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