Chez Paris
Episode To Paris With Zoe
Character(s) Penny Ling
Russell Ferguson
Minka Mark
Sunil Nevla
Pepper Clark
Sung by Laura Hastings
Sam Vincent
Kira Tozer
Peter New
Tabitha St. Germian
Length 1:42
Season Season 2
Episode Transcript To Paris With Zoe
International versions

Chez Paris is a song sung by the pets (excluding Zoe and Vinnie) when imagining Paris while waiting to see Zoe on TV during her competition. As implied in ICanSnake's Chez Paris bio, once you realize Chez Paris is in Paris in French, this song starts to not make sense.


Chez Paris
[Minka, Pepper, Penny Ling, Russell, Sunil]
Chez Paris
Chez Paris
A beautiful city, where they say
French Man: Oui, oui!
Travel to France, and you'll be entranced by the beauty of Chez Paris
[Penny Ling]
The restaurants of Paris are like nowhere else
You can dine on Soufflé and baguettes
With ten thousand cheeses, you'll never want to leave
[Russell and Penny Ling]
This beautiful Chez Paris
Chez Paris
Chez Paris
Throw on a beret, and let's go
French Man: Allons-y
Croissants and cafés or a frog
Russell:Hide your legs!
When in beautiful Chez Paris
It's a city of artists who hang in the Louvre
Mona Lisa is smirking
Picasso is blue
Van Gogh is here
Van Gogh: Have you seen my ear?
[Van Gogh and Minka]
In the beautiful Chez Paris
It's a city of romance
There's love in the air
You'll float down the river, with nary a care
An accordion plays the love songs of our day
[Sunil and Pepper]
In the beautiful Chez Paris
Chez Paris
Chez Paris
You'll never get tired with so much to see
Make some fondue
Net a flower or two
In beautiful Chez Paris


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