Episode Blythe's Crush
Character(s) Zoe Trent
Sung by Kylee Epp
Length 1:10
Season Season 1
Episode Transcript Blythe's Crush
International versions

Crush is a song from the episode "Blythe's Crush". It's a music played by Josh Sharp's band, while Zoe provides the vocals. During the song, Blythe and Josh have a moment together.

An alternative version of the song was uploaded by the Hasbro Studios Shorts YouTube channel, attributing the song to Pet Shop Records, with Sunil Nevla as the director.


Crush Music Video by Hasbro Studios Shorts

Title card from Hasbro Studios Shorts

"Crush" Music Video
Character(s) Zoe Trent
Sung by Kylee Epp
Length 1:10
International versions
S01E08 - I am Zoe
[Zoe Trent]
The music's playin'
It's pumpin' up the crowd
The beat is in the air
The party's gettin' loud
And I am Zoe
And I'm gonna sing it
Cause I've got something to say
Zoe: (barking)
Blythe: Excuse me, Josh?
Josh: Hey! You're the girl from this morning!
Blythe: That's me! Heh. You dropped your keys, and I wanted to return them!
Josh: Wow! How did you find me?
Blythe: Uh... I'm psychic?
Josh: Unbelievable! Well, thanks!
[Zoe Trent]
I've got a new crush!
I've got a new crush!
Josh: Heh. Awesome!
The music's in my soul, and the sound of it is givin' me a head rush!
I've got a new crush!
Singin' it out, pump it up
Cause it's givin' me a head rush