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Dick Von Pat
Dick Von Pat.png
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Male
Personal Information
Occupation TV Producer
Production Information
Debut The Tiniest Animal Store
Voiced by Sam Vincent

Dick Von Pat is a famous TV producer.

He constantly talks on his phone ear piece and not to real people. When he sees Blythe talk to the pets, he get an idea to make a show based off her and Littlest Pet Shop called Tiniest Animal Store. Bylthe doesn't want people to know the show was based off her, so he tells her he will not use her name and tells her to make the costume designs. He makes changes to the show like having pets played by humans and telling Bltyhe the costumes are for the people. He also hires Lola Falanagaga to star in the show.


He is loud and bossy, but also funny and eccentric.