Digby by fercho262-d5zgg4k
Physical Information
Species Dog
Sex Male
Personal Information
Family Unknown owner
Production Information
Debut Trading Places
Voiced by Peter New

Digby is a handsome dog that visits the pet shop's daycamp sometimes. He is brown with blue eyes and wears a red scarf with white spots around his neck.


Digby was inspired and named after the Cahill's own dog.[1]


When Digby made one of his infrequent trips to the daycamp, Zoe, who was suffering from a large blemish on her nose, asked Penny Ling to convey her feelings for him. This seemed to backfire when Digby appeared to be interested in Penny instead. However, when Digby finally encountered Zoe face-to-face, he told her he hoped they could spend some time together on his next visit, and kissed her on the nose before his owner collected him.


Zoe has a huge crush on him, and in the end of the episode he returns his feelings to her with a kiss.

He is also quite friendly with Penny Ling.



  • Digby seems to be the athletic type, as he spends most of his time at the daycamp exercising.
  • He is Zoe's first crush.



  1. Julie McNally Cahill via Twitter
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