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Doctor Handsomeface
Doctor Handsomeface.png
Physical Information
Species German Shepard
Sex Male
Personal Information
Family Doctor Mooser (owner)
Production Information
Debut Un-vetted
Voiced by Terry Klassen
"Please, not so loud. You'll disturb the other patients."
—Dr. Handsomeface

Doctor Handsomeface is a German Shepherd who appears in Un-vetted.


Hence his name, Dr. Handsomeface has a very handsome face.

However, despite having the word "doctor" in his name, he seems to be quite incompetent and dim-witted. Dr. Handsomeface has an arrogant attitude, sometimes being rude without realizing it.

He personally feels he is "the real pet vet", but does not actually have any medical knowledge.


Handsomeface: Hello. My name is Doctor Handsomeface. I'm the real pet vet here.

Handsomeface: Allow me to examine you with my knowledge. Say "ah."

Zoe: Doctor Handsomeface is the love of my life! He's my – dare I say it? – Soul mate!


  • Dr. Handsomeface is Zoe's third crush.


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