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Dodger and Twist
Dodger and Twist.png
Physical Information
Species Hamster
Sex Male
Personal Information
Occupation Thieves
Production Information
Debut Hamster Hoods
Voiced by Peter New (Dodger)

Colin Murdock (Twist)

KoDodger and Twist are hamsters who appear in Hamster Hoods. They are characters responsible on the missing products at Largest Ever Pet Shop. Dodger is the taller (and thinner) white hamster and Twist is the shorter (and Chubby) brown hamster.


Vinnie and Pepper met them during the tunnel mission that Blythe assigned them. They revealed that the items that they'd been stealing at Largest Ever Pet Shop were actually going out to help the other, more needy animals of Downtown City. Dodger is the most serious and smart of the duo while Twist is slightly comical and slow-witted.


  • They could possibly be a reference to the brothers from Assassin's Creed. Both are British as well