Physical Information
Species Slow loris (Bushbaby in "Your World")
Sex Female
Personal Information
Family None
Production Information
Debut The Very Littlest Pet Shop
Voiced by Kathleen Barr

Dolores is a slow loris who only appeared in The Very Littlest Pet Shop.


Dolores speaks with a squeaky voice and does not like to be stared or laughed at. She was part of an educational tour and eats slowly.

She snarled when Blythe and Mrs. Twombly started to laugh, then told Blythe she was from the darkest regions of Tamango. Blythe told the pets not to laugh at her, but Pepper could not help herself laughing about her voice and how slow she ate. She became furious when Pepper kept laughing at her, so she placed a jungle curse on Littlest Pet Shop that made it tiny, though it is later discovered that it was only Vinnie's imagination.


  • The toyline gives her name as Dolores Loris.


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