El Cobra Cabra
Episode Super Sunil
Sung by Danny Balkwill
Rebecca Shoichet
Catherine St. Germaine
David Steele
Robert Wilson
Jessica Zraly
Length 0:51
Season Season 2
Episode Transcript Super Sunil
International versions

El Cobra Cabra is the theme song for the superhero of the same name invented by Penny Ling inspired by a Super Sam comic book.

The voice-over who announces "Sidekick Panda" was provided by Steffan Andrews.[1]


El Cobra Cabra
Who's the mongoose with super-duper zeal?
Who makes bad guys return what they steal?
Who lights candles in the candelabra?
Who puts magic in the abracadabra?
Watch out
It's El Cobra Cabra!
Voice-over: And Sidekick Panda.
Penny Ling: Pandamonium!


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