Eliza Biskit
Eliza Biskit
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Female
Personal Information
Residence Biskit Mansion
Family Fisher Biskit (husband)
Brittany and Whittany Biskit (twin daughters)
Lorraine Biskit (mother-in-law)
Poppy Pawsley (pet)
Brittman and Whittman Biskit (great-great-grandparents-in-law)
Production Information
Debut Steamed
Voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent
"Mother, where have you been last three seasons?!"
Whittany Biskit

Eliza Biskit is Brittany and Whittany's mother and Fisher's wife.


Eliza has black hair with a streak of white in it. She also has brown eyes.


Eliza is shown to have a habit of breaking into song at random moments.

Despite being very kindly and bubbly, she is not the best mother and is very bad at raising children.



  • It was revealed in Steamed that for 3 seasons (meaning summer, fall, and winter), Eliza was in the east wing of the mansion with a terrible headache.
  • In her first appearance, it was to believed that Eliza was going to be a strict parent, but was later revealed to be a happy woman.


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