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Mrs. Twombly: Oh, buck up, it's an all-natural cleaning solution! [Mouse whirring] Listen, skitter critter, don't you sass the Sass Master!
Blythe: The Sass Master?
Mrs. Twombly: Actually, my full title is Lake Whinnyhaha Sass Master Champion. [Chuckle] And they need to show the master more respect!
Blythe: [Chuckle] Good to know?
Mrs. Twombly: Oh, don't give me that look!
Blythe: I think Mrs. Twombly put too much nutmeg in her oatmeal this morning.
Russell: She's on one of her cleaning binges today. Always makes her a little-
Mrs. Twombly: Dirty, dusty, dank and musty!
Russell: Odd.
Blythe: But the place looks clean to me.
Russell: Yes. To you and me, the place is clean. But to her, it's full of dirt. Luckily her clean fever only lasts a day.
Mrs. Twombly: Dirty, dusty, dank and musty!
[Russell squeaking]
Russell: Make that one very looong day.
[theme song]
Mrs. Twombly: Dirty, dusty, dank- Hmm... Oh! Dirty, dusty, dank and musty!
Blythe: [To Russell] So you say her cleaning binge will only last a day?
Mrs. TwomblyOh, Blythe?
Blythe: Yes, Mrs. Twombly?
Mrs. Twombly: Would you please polish the turtle shell? I want to see my reflection in it!
Blythe: [To turtle] Sorry!
Turtle: Haha! Kinda tickles!
Blythe: I know you're busy today, Mrs. Twombly, but I wanted to ask you something.
Mrs. Twombly: Ask away!
[Vacuum cleaner whirring]
Blythe: Well, I - I was wondering if-
Mrs. TwomblyWhat?
Blythe: I was wondering if-
Mrs. TwomblySpeak up, dear, I can't hear you!
BlytheCould I put some of my new designs in the front window? Window display! My clothes! Okay with you? 
Mrs. Twombly: Oh, Blythe, you don't have to yell. I can hear perfectly fine.
Blythe: A-heh, sorry. Can I do a new window display today? I have some new designs.
Mrs. Twombly: Great idea, it'll make this place look even sharper! Now, have you seen my snake scrubber?
Snake: Ah! Oh, no!
[Toy mouse whirring]
Russell: Is this toy making fun of us?
Sunil: It doesn't have an off switch, that worries me.
Pepper: I think those critter things are planning an attack to replace us! See how it's looking at you with those beady eyes? Bwah!
Sunil: [Scream]
Pepper: [Laughing]
Penny Ling: A little room here! [Yelp] [Thud] [Muffled] These steps are more complicated than I thought. [Grunt]
Sunil: Maybe you need a shorter scarf.
Vinnie: Yeah, maybe you should leave the dancing to the professionals, Penny Ling! Whoa-ah!
Penny Ling: What I do is dancing. The silk dancer spins, she swirls. She's like fruit in a blender.
Vinnie: Can fruit dance like this? [Humming]
Pepper: Hope not.
Penny Ling: The silk dance is as effortless as breathing. [Choke] Can't breathe!
VinnieThis is dancing!
Penny LingThis is dancing!
Penny Ling & Vinnie: Whoah-oof!
Vinnie: [Gasp]
Madame PomBravo​​​​! In all of my worldly travels, I've never seen such an exciting dance act!
Penny Ling: Dance act?
Vinnie: Me and her?
Madame Pom: It is tres avant garde, masculine and feminine, cold and hot, cupcakes and oatmeal!
Zoe: Has anybody seen my squeaky hamburger? [Shriek] Madame Pom?! Please tell me I'm having a nightmare!
Madame Pom: We meet again, Zoe. My owner is in town doing some antique shopping, so she dropped me here. But don't worry, dear, it's only for the day. Thank goodness.
Pepper: You two know each other?
Zoe: Unfortunately.
Madame Pom: It's been such a long time, hmm, Zoe?
ZoeNot long enough!
Director: Two beautiful dogs stand before me, but I only have one spot opening on modeling agency for the lapdog division. That dog will go on to a life of glamor, celebrity, and enchantment. The dog who will be staying here is... Madame Pom!
Madame Pom: But of course! I was picked and you weren't.
Zoe: That doesn't mean you're better at modeling than I!
Pepper: Ladies, please! Maybe we can agree to disagree!
Zoe & Madame Pom: We disagree!
Zoe: [Sigh] Alone time.
Blythe: You're in a display window.
Zoe: Yes, I feel most alone, with people watching me.
Blythe: I heard an old, should I say, rival of yours is visiting LPS today.
Zoe: She is evil! Evil, I tell you!
Blythe: Well, it's just for the day, Zoe.
Zoe: I don't know if I can be in the same place as all that powdered hair for a whole day!
Blythe: Aren't you being a teeny bit dramatic?
ZoeMoi, dramatic? No! I just want the entire universe to shrink into a tiny speck and float away, leaving me here in the abyss of irritation!
Blythe: Abyss of irritation?
Mrs. TwomblyOh, no! [Sobbing]
Blythe: What's wrong, Mrs. Twombly?
Mrs. Twombly: I've run out of Mrs. Applebottom's omega-3 cleaning spray. Ha!
[Slow motion drop]
Mrs. TwomblyOh, cruel world, why have you foresaken me?!
Blythe: Oo-kay...
Blythe: Well, at least you finished cleaning before you ran out of your special spray.
Mrs. Twombly: Oh, no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no! There's dirt everywhere, look! 
Blythe: Um...
Mrs. Twombly: Exactly! They're filthy, no one can write with these! [Giggle] And look- someone could've breathed that right into their lungs! Both lungs! 
Blythe: Do you want me to go to the store and get you some more cleaning spray?
Mrs. Twombly: Oh, sweet, sweet innocent child. What I use just isn't any old cleaning spray. Mrs. Applebottom's omega-3 cleaning spray is mixed in a farmhouse kitchen using bamboo utensils and organic herbs, the omega-3s are humanely extracted from the eggs of free-range chickens, educated in classical music, the farmers are all certified yoga instructors. The only place to get this cleaning spray is the Earth Folks Health Co-op. Blythe, keep an eye on things while I'm gone. 
Blythe: [Chuckle] Don't worry, Mrs. Twombly, you can count on me.
Mrs. Twombly: Don't let the place get any dirtier!
Blythe: Hey, guys, Mrs. Twombly had to run an errand, so I'l lbe in charge for a while. I'm going to be in the front working on a new window display if anyone needs me.
Madame Pom: Oh, I need a massage!
Blythe: For something important. Oh, and no roughhousing while Mrs. Twombly is gone, need to keep this place clean.
Zoe: It is getting a little [Sniff] smelly back here.
Madame Pom: Oh, you can smell out of that thing you call a nose?
Zoe: [Growl] 
Blythe: Ladies, please! 
Zoe: [Growl]
Madame Pom: [Laugh]
Minka: And... done! My very first portrait!
Madame Pom: Don't worry if it's not perfect, Minka. It's hard for a novice artist to capture my beauty.
Zoe: [Gasp] Minka! How could you paint her?!
Madame Pom: Once again, I was selected as the perfect model. [Gasp]
Zoe: Oh-ho-ho! Amazing, Minka! You captured her face exactly!
Madame PomThis is how you see me?!
Minka: I'm actually more of an abstract painter. Self-taught, if you can believe it!
Madame Pom: Hmph!
Zoe: Oh, don't worry about her, Minka. I think this is some of your best work.
Sunil: [Snoring] [Yelp]
Madame Pom: It is customary for a gentleman to give up his cushy pillow for a beautiful lady.
Sunil: Oh, sure.
Madame Pom: You may go now. 
Vinnie: Madame Pom, for your entertainment pleasure, the new dance act of Penny Ling and Vinnie Terrio present to you a bit of the razzle-dazzle, a touch of the fast-footed fireworks, a real thrilla in showzilla! 
Russell: Watch it, you two! We have to keep this place clean!
Vinnie: And some "uh-huh!" And some "oh-no!" And some "oh yes he di-id!" [Humming] [Yelp] [Crash] I'm okay! [Humming]
Penny Ling: [Gasp]
Russell: [Yelp] Seriously! [Grunt]
Blythe: Everything okay back there?
Russell: Everything's fine!
Minka: Food!
Russell: Minka, be quiet!
[Chewing noises]
Sunil: [Laughing wildly]
Mrs. Twombly: I cannot believe that in this country a health co-op would discontinue carrying Mrs. Applebottoms omega-3 cleaning spray because of a little added jet fuel!
Store clerk: We have Kat and Maty's key lime and mineral cleaning spray.
Mrs. Twombly: Haha! No, thank you! I will take my business to the Humongous Chain Store, because they understand freedom!
Sunil: Oh, wow, you really look like a model in these pictures.
Madame Pom: A professional model. And it's more complicated than just being perfect-looking, it's a lot of hard work. I don't normally visit little pet shops like this, I'm usually traveling 'round world for my many, many modeling bookings. Like this one.
Sunil: Oh, that is very nice! [Chuckle]
Pepper: Nice! Almost makes me wish I had fleas.
Russell: Uh, why didn't they just hire a cat?
Madame Pom: Oh, Russell, your modeling ignorance is so cute. Zoe, would you like to see some professional modeling photos?
Zoe: Don't need to. I'm doing modeling projects for an exciting new designer.
Russell: Well, how come I've never seen-
Zoe: They're always looking for younger and fresher faces. You can see the pics on my mobile app. Do you have a mobile app?
Madame Pom: My owner has a website, same thing.
Zoe: Maybe in the old days of modeling.
Madame Pom: I will always model circles around you!
Zoe: Is that a challenge?
Madame Pom: Why? Are you afraid that once again you'll be left holding the doggie bag?
Zoe: I know the perfect way to settle this once and for all!
Russell: Now that we've had a pleasant conversation about the modeling profession, why don't we clean up this place before Blythe sees it? Alrighty, then!
Blythe: Nice job, Minka! The curtain adds drama to the window. I was thinking we'd shine lights right on the mannequins.
Zoe: You won't need mannequins! We're going to be your models and you'll judge who does best!
Blythe: Is this is a good idea?
Zoe & Madame Pom: Yes!
Mrs. Twombly: No Mrs. Applebottom's!?! Hey, everybody! If you believe in cleanliness, then you've come to the wrong place!
Customer: [Shriek]
Mrs. Twombly: If I don't find Mrs. Applebottom's cleaning spray, this world will remain dirty! Dusty! Dank! Musty! [Laughing maniacally]
Penny Ling: Madame Pom, since you're in the modeling business-
Vinnie: Which is pretty much the same as the acting and dancing business.
Penny Ling: And since us being a team was your idea, we were wondering if you thought we were good enough to- go pro?
Vinnie: You know, leave the pet shop and perform together full-time like you?
Madame Pom: Well, being a professional at anything takes time
Vinnie: What we need is a dynamite act!
Penny Ling: Something that will bring tears of joy and sadness at the same time! We'd float down from the air like seeds in the wind, full of potential, but not yet in bloom!
Vinnie: Okay, yeah! But instead of sitting on swings, we'd stand with sharp-looking hats and maybe cane too! I'd do a few steps and then she repeats! 
Madame Pom: I would add birds.
Vinnie: Birds?
Madame Pom: Yes, like swans or doves.
Vinnie: Ooh, I like that!
Penny Ling: I'd add one other little tweak, we let our movements symbolize the... winds of change! And we'd spin swirls to symbolize... uh, to symbolize...
Vinnie: To symbolize... spinning ribbons in the air!
Penny Ling: No, that's not it.
[Swan quacking]
Vinnie: Anyway, what d'you think so far?
Madame Pom: Vinnie, Penny Ling, you've got fantastic creative energy. If you want it, go for it. Now I really need to get back to looking at myself.
Vinnie & Penny Ling: [Nervous laugh]
Blythe: Zoe, do you think having a model-off with Madame Pom is going to prove anything?
Zoe: Yes! It's going to prove once and for all that I am the better model!
Blythe: Do you really care about being a better model or is this all because you lost some contest to her in the past?
Zoe: Of course I care about being a model... kind of. Sort of. Not really. Oh, I guess I just really wanted to win!
Zoe: What is that supposed to mean?! [Growl]
Blythe: Zoe, let it go.
Madame Pom: I assume with all my experience, you might want my advice. Hmhm! I don't want you to embarrass yourself.
Blythe: Uh oh.
Zoe: I'll have you know that I have done plenty of modeling, especially for Blythe's amazing designs! And thank you, but I don't need any help! 
Zoe: Oh! You thought you could just walk in here and hypnotize everyone into thinking you're so great, like you did those poor judges at the modeling contest! Well, not today, sister! 
Madame Pom: What I have found works best is when snap! And then, snap! And, pop! Bam!
Zoe: Oh! Let me show you how it's done! Pose! And, pose! ​​​And, pose! ​​​
Zoe & Madame Pom: Snap! Pose! Bam! Pose!
Bop-ba-dee-bop, I'm dancin'
It's a dancin' day.
I've been singing songs since yesterday.
I'm more than just happy, I'm more than okay-
Russell: Do you know any sitting still in a chair dances?
[Vinnie humming]
[Toy mice whirring]
Sunil: Aah! This is must be where they take over and replace us! We're doomed! Gather your loved ones, the end is near!
Blythe: How'd you get off your shelf, little fella? Zoe, Madame Pom, I'm going to go to the back of the store for a minute. Are you going to be good?
Zoe: It's on!
Madame Pom: Like a bon-bon!
[Pop music]
Mrs. Twombly: [Frantic] Dirty, dusty, dank, and musty! Dirty! Dusty! Dank and musty! DIRTY!!
Worker: [Screams]
Mrs. Twombly: [Sniff] Ooh! Do I smell omega-3s?
Vinnie & Penny Ling: [Humming]
[Toy mice whirring]
BlytheWhat. The. What?!
Blythe: What happened?!​​ 
Russell: It's not as bad as it looks! Right, guys?
Sunil: If you don't count the fact that we're being taken over by an evil horde of robotic toys who may or may not torture us before they destroy us, then yes, it is not so bad!
Pepper: Very helpful, Sunil.
VinnieGrand finale time!
Blythe: Vinnie, no! [Slow-mo] Noooooo!
All: [Screaming]
[Sheep bleating]
Zoe: Well. that wasn't the finish I had in mind.
Zoe & Madame Pom: [Laughing]
Madame Pom: Oh! This reminds me of a show I did one time; I actually tripped off the edge of the stage and landed in someone's lap!
Zoe: Seriously? You?
Madame Pom: Yes, me! I bet that never would've happened to you. You were the better walker, you know.
Zoe: But... you were the better model! Honestly, I just hated losing. Oh! Don't get me wrong, you're still the biggest diva I've ever met.
Madame Pome: And proud of it! 
Vinnie & Penny LingTa-da! 
[Phone rings]
Blythe: [Nervously] Hello?
Mrs. Twombly: [Over the phone] Hello dear...
Blythe: Heh. Okay, Mrs. Twombly, see you in 20 minutes! [Beep] In 20 minutes, she'll be back, and she'll never trust me again! 
Russell: Pets, we've been in tough spots before! Some tougher, some spottier! But if Zoe and Madame Pom can work together, if Vinnie and Penny Ling can dance - or whatever they call it - as a team, then we can work together and fix this mess! Friends pull through for friends! I've been wrong before, and this could be one of those times; but maybe, just maybe-!
Pepper: [Snoring] Dude, we got 20 minutes!
Russell: Oh, right. Let's clean!
Vinnie: Hey, can I tell you something? We make a great team!
Penny Ling: I think so, too. But maybe, for everyone's safety, we should both stay as solo acts.
Mrs. Twombly: [Sing-song] Oh, hello!
Blythe: [Gasp]
Mrs. Twombly: I finally found my- [Gasp] What is this?
Blythe: [Gasp] I'm sorry, Mrs. Twombly!
Mrs. Twombly: This place... looks better than when I left it! Oh, I can't believe you finished cleaning for me, Blythe! Now, what were you saying about being sorry, dear?
Blythe: I'm sorry about the one pet hair on the counter! 
Mrs. Twombly: I had no idea you were such a clean freak, Blythe. [Humming]
Blythe: What the huh?
Russell: Looks like Mrs. Twombly's clean fever just broke.
All: [Coughing]
[End credits]