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Felina Meow
Felina Meow the Cat.png
Physical Information
Species Cat
Sex Female
Personal Information
Family Unknown owner
Production Information
Debut Littlest Pet Street - Part 1
Voiced by Casey Wilson

Felina Meow is a cat that first appeared in Littlest Pet Street - Part 1. She is a viral video star.


When she first meets Blythe, Felina is rude, selfish, and demanding. She admits in Littlest Pet Street - Part 2 that she never had the opportunity to work with others before and was jealous of how close the pets are.

Eventually, she warms up to the other pets and agrees to be in their movie.


  • Felina is one of the only two characters to be voiced by a celebrity, the first being Heidi.
  • In Spendthrifty, she can be seen on the manager's computer screen.
  • She was one of four pets who had a cameo before their episode debut, the others are Esteban Banderas, Madame Pom, and Mary Frances.


  • I'm way too big a star to appear in your silly little movie.
  • I'm sorry for being such a diva.
  • Anyway, I hope I didn't ruin your movie.



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