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[Bell rings]
Blythe: Hey, Josh.
Josh: Hey, Blythe. 
Blythe: [To Youngmee] Did you see that?! OMG, I totally had a conversation with Josh! I timed it perfectly so I'd pass him in the hallway! Totally cash! I said, "Hey, Josh," and then he goes, "Hey, Blythe."
Youngmee: Blythe, you've got to do it again!
Blythe: Okay, but I need to look around a few hallways so I can come over from the other direction and pass him again. Totally cash! [Panting] What's up?
Josh: Not much. Just going to work.
Blythe & Youngmee: [Squee]
Youngmee: You're definitely making progress. Now you need to go for the next step: find out where he's working, then you can say, "Oh, I go there all the time. We should hang out sometime."
Blythe: [Gasp] Brilliant! You are so good at this, Youngmee! [Panting] Whoaaa-oof! [Crash!] [Panting] So, heh, where are you working?
Josh: Largest Ever Pet Shop.
Blythe: Oh, I go there all the– wait, what?! You're working at Largest Ever Pet Shop?!
Josh: That's right, and I gotta go. Can't be late on my first day.
Blythe: What the what?!
[theme song]
Zoe: Ladies and gentlepets [Echoing], the moment you've all been waiting for [Echoing], Minka the Magnificent! And now, for your enjoyment, Minka the Magnificent will jump over that mongoose!
Sunil: [Scoff] That's what she thinks! [Mimicking echo]
Zoe: Eh. Showtime, Minka!
Pets: [Cheering]
Russell: Great job, Minka! And the scootboard held up perfectly! Using banana oil to grease the axels worked like a charm!
Minka: [Sigh] I wish there was something really exciting to jump over, like those real daredevils on TV! Maybe a row of buses, or- Oooh! A shark!
Russell: You're ready to jump the shark? Where would we get one?
Goldy: Hello.
Penny Ling: Ooh, where did you come from?
Goldy: Mrs. Twombly dropped me off while you pets were having your fun. My name's Goldy.
​​​Goldy: Please don't tap on the glass.
Sunil: Oh, sorry.
Pepper: Oh hey, Goldy, you wanna play tag?
Penny Ling: Hide 'n seek?
Minka: Jumprope?
Goldy: I'm not exactly mobile. This is how life is for goldfish. Too bad too, because I'm a thrill-seeker at heart, a wild man- I mean, fish.
Russell: A wild fish, eh?
Zoe: Ladies and gentlepets [Echoing], Minka the Magnificent will fly over a man-eating, er, monkey-eating shark! [Echoing]
Goldy: Roaarrrrr.
Pets: [Cheering]
Minka: Ha! Goldy, you were great! 
Goldy: I had a blast.
Russell: You don't sound like it.
Pepper: Yeah, uh, don't take this the wrong way, Goldy, but... you're not exactly exuding excitement.
Goldy: Why would I take that the wrong way? Besides, it's not like I really did anything. I just floated here and looked scary. [Sigh] I wish I could get out there like you and see the world.
Russell: So, you wanna see the world, eh?
Blythe: It's a good thing I don't really care, but Josh working for the Biskits? That's crazy!
Youngmee: Blythe, did you write down the math homework assignment?
Blythe: [Gasp] Maybe they tricked him!
Youngmee: 'Cause I forgot what it was.
Blythe: Maybe they forced Josh into working there. [Gasp] Maybe they took his skateboard hostage!
Youngmee: So did you or didn't you write down the homework assignment?
Blythe: It's a good thing I don't actually care, because if I did, I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about this.
Youngmee: Maybe you need to go to the Largest Ever Pet Shop and see what's up for yourself.
Blythe: Oh no, I'm barely even thinking about it anymore.
Youngmee: Blythe, for the sake of your sanity and me getting the math homework, you should go check on it.
Blythe: Well, I guess I am a tad curious... Okay, I'll do it!
Youngmee: Maybe Sue wrote down what the math homework is.
Mrs. Twombly: [Humming]
Blythe: I'm taking Minka and Zoe for a walk, Mrs. Twombly!
Minka: A walk? Where are we walking to?
Blythe: It's a secret mission. Are you up for it?
Minka: Yes!
Russell: We've done it! We've created... the world's first fish vehicle! I call it the fish cruise cycle!
Goldy: I'm incredibly emotional about this.
Penny Ling: Um, exactly which emotion would that be?
Russell: Now, you'll have to be extra careful, Goldy, because this has never been tried before. It could be dangerous. Your bowl could break and then... [Whistles, crash] You'll be fine if you follow my instructions. Now, if you want to make a turn, just lean against the side of the bowl. Lean right to make a right, and left to make a left.
Goldy: Okie-dokie.
Russell: Okay, here goes! Watch out for Sunil!
Sunil: [Yelping]
Russell: Right turn!
Russell: Goldy, look out for the wall! Left turn!
Goldy: Hey, I think I'm getting the hang of this.
Vinnie: Let's see how you handle more speed!
Russell: Vinnie, not so fast! He's still getting the hang of it! If that glass bowl shatters, Goldy will be in big trouble!
Vinnie: Oh, chill out, Russell. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?
Russell & Vinnie: [Gasp]
Mrs. Twombly: [Singing]
[Door opens]
Russell: That is what could go wrong!
Blythe: Ugh! What am I doing? Am I really going to spy on Josh?
Zoe: Oh, don't think of it as spying, darling. Think of it as assessing the situation over concern for a friend.
Blythe: I'm being silly! Of course I should go in! Then again, it's kind of underhanded. But I could be saving him from the Biskits!
Josh: Blythe?
Blythe: [Gasp]
Josh: You coming in?
Blythe: Uh... sure! [Awkward laugh] I was just wondering if I needed a cart or not! Yeah, I need a cart! [Awkward laugh] 
[Traffic sounds]
Pets: [Gasp]
Russell: Oh, no! Note to self: Remember to install brakes.
Josh: [Straining]
Whittany: Hey! Watch where you're pushing that thing, Blythe!
Blythe: Oh, sorry, Whittany and Brittany. I didn't see you standing there.
Brittany: [Flatly] You never do.
Whittany: So who said you could, like, bring pets in here?
Blythe: I can't bring pets into a pet shop?
Brittany: Don't try to change the subject, Blythe! What are you, like, doing here anyway?
Blythe: Well, uh... I- I just- I'm shopping!
Brittany: You're shopping?
Whittany: Here?
Blythe: Well, Largest Ever Pet Shop is a really, uh, good place to shop!
Brittany: Yeah... well, why don't you just take your icky little pets and- 
Whittany: Oh, hi, Josh! Ooh, Josh, you are doing such a good job!
Brittany: Yeah, you haven't been late or, like, anything!
Josh: Er, thanks. I was just, uh, taking out some trash.
Biskits: I'll go with you!
Whittany: I've got it! [Grunt]
Brittany: No, I've, like, got it! [Straining] Oof! [Thud]
Blythe: The Biskits are fighting over who gets to carry the trash? Why are they being so nice? I don't know what they're up to, but we should follow them! To protect Josh, of course.
Zoe & Minka: Mm-hm! / Of course!
Brittany: Now, like, move this heavy box for me because you're, like, so strong!
Whittany: Oh, Josh, you don't need to do that! Come over here and help me, like, move this other heavy box!
Blythe: I think the twins... like him!
Zoe: Now hang on there, Blythe, they might like him but that doesn't mean that he likes them.
Blythe: [Sigh] I suppose you're right. I'm just jumping to conclusions. We should get out of here before I do something embarrassing.
Zoe: Well, as long as we're here, we may as well check out Largest Ever's pet fashions!
Minka: Yeah! Let's see their fall line, and by that, I mean clothes that are good for when I fall! Aah! [Thud]
Blythe: Actually, that's not a bad idea. Always good to keep tabs on-
Biskits: [Laughing]
Blythe: The competition.
Russell: Goooooooldy!
Sunil: This is scary! You're never, ever supposed to go down into a storm drain! It's too dangerous!
Russell: It's too late now, we've got to go down there and rescue Goldy!
Sunil: Oh, no! No no no no no no no no!
Penny Ling: Sunil, what are you afraid of?
Sunil: Haven't you all heard the story? A few years ago, someone flushed their pet baby alligator down the toilet, and he grew and grew and grew! And now... he's a giant alligator!
Russell: Sunil, that's not a real story; it's an urban myth.
Sunil: [Scoff] Then you won't myth me if I don't go with you!
Russell: Well, if Sunil won't come with us, there's really only one thing to do.
Sunil: Hm, I am glad that you've come to your sense- [Screaming]
Russell: This is where Goldy fell. You can see his wet scale marks. He bounced from here to here to...
Pepper: Oh, no! He's gonna drown!
Russell: Pepper, he can't drown. He's a fish.
Pepper: Oh, yeah! [Laugh]
Penny Ling: I don't like this place. Look at all the garbage that gets washed down here. Ugh, yuck!
Pepper: And it's so dark! I'm nocturnal, and I can barely see!
Vinnie: No one could survive here for very long!
Lemasque: Au contraire! Not only can we survive, mon ami, but we can thrive!
You may not like the slime
But we see it all the time!
Alors, ze grime, ze grime
To us it smells divine!
No really, you should try it sometime!
'Cause we make treasure out of trash
Garbage turned to gold in just a flash!
Go ahead and dump your old bread
We can use it as a new bed
Send us stuff you're breaking
And the leaves that you are raking
We'll take it 'cuz we're down here making
Lots of treasure out of trash
A dab of sticky goo from this old ice cream cone
Behind the ears she makes a very wonderful cologne
The peel of a banana makes a delightful bandana
These french fries if you please
Are perfect for a set of water skis!
You might see it as junk
But to us that is just bunk!
Take a look and you will see a
Trash heap full menagerie!
'Cause we make treasure out of trash
Grab a piece and add it to our stash!
We don't care if it is used or has a little bit of rust
We coined the phrase "What goes around eventually comes back to us"
[Lemasque, Russell, Penny Ling, Vinnie, Pepper]
Treasure out of trash!
[Russell, Vinnie, Pepper, Penny Ling]
Garbage turned to gold in just a flash!
So if you throw your things away
They may end up down here someday!
Your trash is treasure here
A cherished souvenir
Let's all give a big cheer of making
So much treasure out of trash!
Pets: [Cheering]
Sunil: What are you all doing?! In the time it took to sing that ridiculous song, we could've been searching for Goldy!
Russell: Hm, good point. But he couldn't have gone far, could he?
Lemasque: Well, the only way to follow the current is by water.
Sunil: Oh, well. Goldy was a very nice guy, but since none of us are natural swimmers, we'll be going.
Russell: Cool your jets, Sunil. That song wasn't a waste of time at all. We can use what we have to make the best of what we've got! These hamburger wrappers are waxy on one side, waterproof! Gather as may of these as you can!
Lemasque: Bon voyage, mis amis!
Russell: Thanks for all your help!
Sunil: Errrr... Has anyone thought about how we get back? Aah! What am I saying?! The giant alligator will probably get to us first!
Russell: For the last time, Sunil, there are no alligators in the storm drain! It is just a myth!
Sunil: Oh, ho ho ho! Well, I will myth you when I am gone!
Zoe: Boring! You've got to be kidding me. Oh, simply disgraceful!
Blythe: Uh, girlfriends? I think we've seen enough of Largest Ever fashions.
Josh: I'm back, you two! I brought you some lunch! You don't have to thank me. Oh! [Laughing] Stop with the kisses!
Blythe: Kisses?!
Josh: Oh, you're both so cute!
Blythe: He thinks they're cute?!
Zoe: Now, Blythe, don't jump to conclusions!
Blythe: Josh likes the Biskit Twins! Let's go. Coming here to save Josh was the worst idea I've ever had.
Josh: You two are just too adorable! Hahaha, more kissing? Stop! Heh, it tickles!
Zoe: That is it! Those Biskits have hurt Blythe for the last time!
Josh: [Laughing] S- st [Laughing]
Zoe: [Barking]
Josh: Hey, weren't you with Blythe?
Pets: Goldy! 
Vinnie: Hey, I think I see something up ahead.
Russell: Goldy! Is that you?
[Alligator roar]
Pets: [Screaming]
Big Al: Whoa, hey! Watch out there, you pets almost ended up on the wrong side of my teeth, if you know what I'm sayin', eh. [Laughs]
Sunil: We're alive? We're aliiiiiiiiiiive!
Big Al: Yeah, sorry about that, eh. I thought your newspaper boats were just more garbage floatin' downstream.
Russell: I thought you were a myth.
Big Al: Uh, actually, I'm a mythter! [Laughing] I love that joke!
Russell: Amazing! An alligator living in the storm drain!
Big Al: Oh, not really. I made myself useful down here. I call myself the living trash compactor. [Chomp!] Did you know the alligator has the strongest bite of any living animal? [Spits] I bring a whole bunch of these to the dump every day. Heh, it's my way of givin' back.
Russell: That's great, but we're kind of in a hurry. Did you happen to see a goldfish swim by this way?
Big Al: Hmm... Describe this goldfish.
Russell: Well, he's got fins, he's orange, he's about yea-big.
Big Al: You mean like that?
Russell: Hey, that's him!
Pets: Goldy!
Big Al: Oh boy, that's not good.
Russell: What's not good?
Big Al: Well, he's headed for the water treatment facility, eh. It's where they clean the water before it goes to the ocean. But, uh...
Russell: But what? Isn't cleaning water a good thing?
Big Al: Well, yeah, it's just that the way in is through a big fan like a motor. It basically sucks stuff in and [Whistles]
Pepper: It... whistles?
Big Al: No. Fishes go in, but they don't come out! 
Sunil: Because it's so nice in there?
Big Al: He's gonna get chomped to bits, eh!
Pets: [Gasp]
Zoe: Blythe! Josh doesn't like the Biskit Twins; he was talking to the twin chinchillas!
Blythe: Their chinchillas? 
Minka: That's who he was saying was cute!
Blythe: [Relieved sigh] What a relief! Maybe we should just go home before I do something really embarassing in front of-
Josh: Blythe?
Blythe: Oh! Hi, Josh!
Josh: I thought they were your pets. I just wanted to make sure they found you.
Blythe: Oh, yeah! Here they are! [Awkward laugh] They found me, I found them, we found each other!
Josh: Say, Blythe, you wouldn't happen to know where I can get some chinchilla twigs, would you?
Blythe: Chinchilla twigs?
Josh: Yeah, I've got some chinchillas in there that need to chew on twigs to help them-
Blythe: File their teeth down. I know.
Josh: Huh, I guess you know a lot about pets. Well, Largest Ever doesn't carry them, so-
Blythe: Littlest Pet Shop does! And we have plenty in stock!
Josh: Great! Do you mind if I walk over there with you?
Blythe: Not at all!
Pets: [Yelling for Goldy]
Big Al: Hold it! You can't go any further! You'll be sucked into the treatment plant, eh!
Russell: Does anyone see Goldy?
Sunil: Maybe he hasn't gotten here yet!
Goldy: Heeeelp! Heeeeeeeeelp! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!
Penny Ling: Wow, I guess he can get emotional!
Russell: Big Al, can't you swim over there and get him?
Big Al: No can do. Nobody's strong enough to swim against that current.
Russell: Maybe your swimming muscles aren't strong enough, Big Al. But you have some chomping strength. Steady... steady... aaaaaaaand... Now, Big Al!
Pets: [Cheering]
Goldy: And having all that water to swim in, amazing. Oh, I think I saw a whale under there. What a journey. [Sigh] Still, after all that, it's good to be back in my cozy little fish bowl.
Penny Ling: And just in time. I just heard Mrs. Twombly say that your owner is here to pick you up.
Russell: Well, it was nice meeting you, Goldy. I hope you enjoyed your stay at Littlest Pet Shop.
Goldy: Are you kidding? This was the most fun adventure I've ever had! Where are we going tomorrow!
Pets: Tomorrow?! [Fainting]
Blythe: So they must've tripped the parking brake and whooooosh!
Josh: [Laughing] No way! The pets drove the Sweet Delights truck? That's crazy!
[Phone rings]
Josh: Hello? Oh hi, Whittany. I took my break and wanted to get something for the chinchillas. Where? Oh, at Littlest Pet Shop.
Biskits: [Screaming over the phone] YOU'RE FIRED!
Blythe: Ehh. Sounds like that didn't go so well.
Josh: Oh, that's okay. I wasn't crazy about working for the Biskits anyway, but I still want to get those chew sticks for the chinchillas.
Blythe: Awwww! I mean, come on in! We've got plenty!
Whittany: Hey, you! You, like, want a job?
Madison: Okay.
[End credits]