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Gail Trent
Gail trent by fercho262-d6esb0w.png
Physical Information
Species Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Sex Female
Personal Information
Family Zoe Trent (older sister)
Unknown owner
Production Information
Debut Gailbreak!
Voiced by Tabitha St. Germain

Gail Trent[1] is Zoe's younger sister, whom the group erroneously believed had been locked inside Largest Ever Pet Shop. They then found out they grabbed the wrong dog, a male named Tootsie who only happened to resemble her.


As she has only appeared once, not much is known about her. She and Zoe appear to care a lot for each other, but she is easily willing to playfully admit how Zoe can make slip-ups.


Gail is a pink Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with lighter pink markings. She has the same body type as Zoe and just slightly darker blue eyes. Her hair and ears are a shade of fuchsia pink with curly bangs in the center of her head and she wears a gold collar with a small white heart in the center.


An image in a bonus in the Little Pets, Big Adventures disc potentially appears to be Gail.


In early November 2013, a playset named Hydrant Hangout was released, including a Gail Trent toy with the ID #3613 and a Princess Stori Jameson toy with the ID #3614.[1]


  • Zoe describes Gail as full of "joie de vivre," which means she has an enjoyment of life.