Genghis crop
Physical Information
Species Poodle
Sex Male
Personal Information
Family Morgan Payne (owner)
Production Information
Debut Bad Hair Day
Voiced by Nicole Oliver
"I'm here to pick up a little something something for Genghis. We saw a dreadful exhibit at the city museum that sent him into a tizzy."
Morgan Payne, Bad Hair Day

Genghis is the poodle of Morgan Payne. His name is spelled Genghis in the credits, but the subtitles on Hasbro's YouTube upload spell it as Ganghis.


In Bad Hair Day, his owner took him along to an exhibit at the museum, and later they went to Littlest Pet Shop to get something for him.

In Blythe's Big Idea, he is in the singing crowd of Pet Friendly Skies.

In Secret Cupet, he and Tootsie walk together by Littlest Pet Shop with hearts floating along, suggesting they had fallen in love.


Genghis is friendly, kind, and caring.



S1E03 Morgan Payne comes into the shop

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