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Blythe: Sheesh. You'd think no one's ever seen a monkey on a leash before, when I know they've seen me with a panda, skunk, mongoose, and a hedgehog on a leash.

Mailman: Mail call. Whoa! A monkey on a leash.

Blythe: (Gasps) My ballet tickets!

Mrs. Twombly: (Gasps) My DNA kit!

Blythe: DNA kit?

Mrs. Twombly: It's for the pets. Just put a little spit in there and whammo, we'll know exactly what breed our pets are. Heh-heh! I'm gonna start selling them, so I thought I'd try it out on some of the day camp pets first.

Blythe: Huh. Great idea, Mrs. Twombly.

Zoe Trent: It would be, if I didn't already know that I come from the absolute finest pedigree lineage.

Minka Mark: Are you saying words that I'm supposed to understand? Because I don't.

Zoe Trent: What I'm saying is I am the purest of purebred pet.

Blythe: Yay! I've been waiting forever for these! Dad and I are finally going to the ballet! I'm gonna get my hair done, get a mani-pedi. Oh, maybe even buy a new dress.

Roger: Or maybe not. I'm afraid we're going to be tightening the purse strings for a while, Blythe. I've just been laid off.

Blythe: What the what?!

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