Harold Winston
Physical Information
Species Groundhog
Sex Male
Personal Information
Residence Downtown City
Production Information
Debut In the Loop
Voiced by Dan Kiesler
Fabio De Luigi
Ilya Slanevsky
Jacek Krol

Harold Winston is a groundhog and a one day camper who first appeared in In the Loop.


Harold was dropped off at Littlest Pet Shop by his owner. He is a know-it-all who often does not get his facts right. At first, Russell did not like him very much; however, in the end, the two ended up being friends. He reveals that his facts are inaccurate because he misspeaks due to his vast knowledge. He has a habit taking a breath while sucking in his stomach simultaneously.


  • "The finest bamboo is from Indiana."
  • Adding an underwater elephant step is sure to improve your timing."


  • Harold is modeled after Bill Murray, whose film Groundhog Day is a parody of his episode debut.


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