Littlest Pet Shop (2012 TV series) Wiki
Hubble crop
Physical Information
Species American Robin[citation needed]
Sex Male
Personal Information
Family Unnamed mother
Russell Ferguson (temporary caretaker)
Production Information
Debut The Nest Hats Craze!
Voiced by Ashleigh Ball

Hubble is a baby bird. He only appeared in The Nest Hats Craze!.


When Blythe was watching a fashion show, the Biskits pushed her, making her bump on a tree, which dropped a nest on her head. Blythe kept the nest on her head as she went back to Littlest Pet Shop, where she discovered it had an egg inside. Concerned about the egg, Blythe left to search its mother, leaving it under the pets' care.

After some discussion over who would keep the egg warm, Russell laid over it, helping a bird to hatch shortly after. Russell named him Hubble and he promptly called Russell "mommy". Russell tried to teach him how to fly and to feed him, with disappointing results.

Blythe later returned him and the nest to the tree, where his mother could find them.