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Pets: [Animal sounds]
Young Russell: [Gulp]
Mrs. Twombly: Come along, Russet. There's nothing to worry about; I think you're really going to enjoy our day camp.
Young Russell: It's Russell, and I'm not sure it's all that safe in here.
Mrs. Twombly: Okay, young sweeties, settle down. We have a new... some sort of rodent... joining our happy group today.
Pets: [Animal sounds]
Mrs. Twombly: Rodents are a bit of a novelty around here.
Young Russell: Actually, I'm a hedgehog, and we aren't rodents.
Mrs. Twombly: Now I want you all to make Ruffles feel right at home, all righty?
[Door closes]
Young Russell: Not Ruffles. My name's Russell.
Young Vinnie: Ooh, look at his cool spiky rodent fur!
Young Zoe: And those divine rodent nails!
Young Minka: Ooh! Look at his giant, beady rodent eyes!
Young Russell: I don't think eyes can be both giant and beady.
Young Pepper: Well, you got here just in time, Russell! We've just started our morning mayhem!
Young Russell: M-m-morning m-m-mayhem?!
Pets: [Playing and shouting]
Young Russell: Isn't mayhem a little... dangerous? What if someone gets hurt?
Young Sunil: There's absolutely nothing to worry about here at Littlest Pet Shop!
Young Russell: Well, I suppose there's no harm in having a little fun as long as no one gets [Spring] Huuuuuuuuurt! [Crash] [Groaning]
Young Pepper: Russell, are you alright?
Young Russell: As that dog as my witness, I'll never be unsafe again! [Thud] Ohh...
[theme song]
[Ice cream truck]
Minka: Russell, check out my latest work! Well, I mean, technically it's not late, it's right on time. But I still think it's the best thing I've ever done!
Russell: Minka! You're lucky to be alive!
Minka: I am?
Russell: Your paints are a complete disorganized disaster! They shouldn't be scattered around so willy-nilly!
Minka: Willy-nilly! [Laughing] Oh, that's funny!
Russell: Well, you won't think it's so funny when Vinnie trips over your willy-nilly paint! Pepper, be careful!
Pepper: Look, Russell - I think I finally found something funnier than squeaky chicken!
[Chicken clucking]
Russell: Pepper, your props are a danger to yourself and everyone in the day camp! This'll never do!
Sunil: So, Russell, what do you think of my new mondo magic mysterio magician's box? It is so mysterious, even I don't know what it does.
Russell: Despite the alliteration, I think those corners are entirely too pointy.
Sunil: Too pointy?
Russell: Yes, and much to dangerooooooooous! [Crash] Ah, there it is - loose floorboard. One of these days, I've got to remember to fix that.
Blythe: Good morning, pets! I want you to meet our new day camper. He's only here for today, so let's make him feel really welcome, okay?
Harold Winston: Harold Winston, family Sciuridae, order Rodentianata.
Russell: Actually, it's pronounced "Rodentia".
Harold: Ah, a fellow hog. Hedge, if I'm not mistaken?
Russell: That's right. Russell Ferguson, and you must be a groundhog, if I'm not mistaken? And I rarely am.
Harold: Ah ha! That's a good one, Russell Ferguson! [Laughing]
Mrs. Twombly: Blythe to the front for customer assistance please!
Blythe: Oh, gotta run! Carpe Diem!
Harold: Wow, Blythe knows how to speak German! What a delight!
Russell: Actually, Carpe Diem means "Seize the day", but it's Latin, not German.
Vinnie: Hey, everyone look! Real rodent fur!
Zoe: And fabulous rodent nails! 
Minka: Giant, beady rodent eyes! Oh, I love giant, beady rodent eyes!
Russell: Minka, I've told you before that eyes can't be both giant and-
Harold: Do gather 'round, I'm quite accustomed to this reaction. It's a well-known fact that the groundhogs are the most famous of the Rodentianatta order.
Russell: [Chuckling] Sorry, Harold, I think the rats might take issue with that. Ah!
Pets: [Chatter] 
Zoe: [Singing] Dance like you know you can! 
Harold: Timber!
Russell: Aah! What was that? I thought a tree was falling!
Harold: [Laughing] So you're not familiar with the finer points of musical theory. It's customary to shout out how much one appreciates the timberee, [Chuckles] or a performer's voice, by telling "Timber."
Russell: Ah! So when a lumberjack shouts, "Timber," those falling trees are just taking a bow?
Pets: Timber! Timber!
Zoe: Oh, thank you, everyone!
Russell: Huh?
[Upbeat music]
Harold: So you see, Vincent, adding an underwater elephant step will greatly improve your timing.
Vinnie: Like this?
Harold: Yeah, that's right.
Pets: Ooh!
Russell: An underwater elephant step?
Harold: Why, yes, hedgehog.
Russell: That's not a real thing!
Harold: I'm fairly certain it is.
Russell: Well, I'm fairly certain it isn't! 
Sunil: Why must you be so incredibly rude to our special guest, Russell?
Harold: Please, everyone. I'm certain he means no offense with these statements however misguided.
Russell: Me misguided?! You're the one who claimed tree frogs are made of wood! [Spring] [Screaming] [Crash] 
Russell: [Headdesk]
Blythe: Oh, come on, Russell. He can't be that bad.
Russell: Oh, he is. He's a know-it-all who doesn't know anything! He constantly gets his facts wrong!
Blythe: So he's a know-nothing.
Russell: Yes, they're the worst! It's been scientifically proven. I can cite the studies, if you like.
Blythe: No, I believe you.
Russell: Oh, I wish today was over already so I can end my Harold Winston nightmare!
Blythe: Russell, I'm sorry you're not getting along with Harold, but you should never wish a day away. Once it's gone, you can't get it back.
Russell: That'll be okay with me.
Harold: You know, before the invention of the wooden easel, artists used to prop their canvases on weasels.
Pets: [Chatter]
Russell: [Groaning]
Harold: Sunil, did you know the earliest known magic trick involved pulling a hat out of a rabbit?
Sunil: Ooh, that is fascinating! What kind of hat?
Harold: By the way, Penny Ling, they say the best bamboo comes from Indiana. 
Russell: India! The best bamboo is from India! Not Indiana!
Pepper: Russell! If you're not going to say anything nice, maybe it's best you just move on.
Blythe: Harold, your owner's here! Time to go!
Russell: Time to go? Already? Wow, the day really flew by, didn't it?
Harold: Farewell, my new friends! If only if it were possible to live this day again. Oof!
Russell: Well, it was fun. Too bad we'll never get your neat brand of facts again. Don't forget to not write!
Sunil: Oh, what a lovely fellow! I shall miss him!
Russell: I'm just happy this day is finally over. Tomorrow will be a whole new Harold-free day. [Spring] [Screaming] [Crash]
[Ice cream truck]
Russell: [Sigh] This is more like it. A brand new day and no sign of-
Blythe: Good morning, pets! I want you to meet our new day camper. He's only here for today, so let's make him feel really welcome, okay?
Harold: Harold Winston, family Sciuridae, order Rodentianatta.
Russell: What the huh?!
Russell: Harold? What are you doing here?
Penny Ling: Russell! That's so rude!
Vinnie: Yeah, you never even met this guy before.
Russell: What are you talking about? He was here all day yesterday!
Zoe: We're sorry, Harold. Russell isn't usually so abrasive.
Harold: Oh, it's alright. The lesser hogs are known to be a bit short-tempered.
Russell: The lesser hogs?!
Harold: I'd be happy to tell you more if you'd like.
Pets: [Chatter]
Zoe: [Singing] Dance like you know you can!
Harold: Timber!
Russell: You know, we already did this.
Harold: What's that there, hedgehog?
Russell: We did this whole thing yesterday. Pepper, you remember, don't you? Minka?
Sunil: What in the world are you talking about, Russell?
Russell: Harold is about to claim that you're supposed to shout "Timber" after a good performance, and I'll say he's wrong, and then you'll all walk off.
Harold: Timber, Zoe! Timber!
Pets sans Russell: Timber! Timber!
Zoe: Oh, thank you, everyone!
[Upbeat music]
Harold: So you see there, Vincent-
Russell: Yeah, yeah, yeah, the underwater elephant step. We've already been over this.
Harold: Ohhhhh, so you're familiar with eastern dance! I'm impressed!
Russell: This is some kind of joke, right? You're all playing an elaborate prank on me, right?
Penny Ling: Russell, why are you being so rude?
Sunil: [Awkward laugh] We truly are sorry, Harold. Perhaps there is something in his water dish.
Russell: So this isn't a joke? What is going ooooooooon! [Thud]
Russell: Blythe, you're the only one who can help me!
Blythe: What is it, Russell?
Russell: I'm living the same day that happened yesterday! Everything's exactly the same! I know Harold just got here today, but I met him yesterday!
Blythe: Are you saying that you went back in time or something? Because that's crazy.
Russell: She said to the hedgehog.
Blythe: Huh, touche.
Russell: I know how it sounds, but it's true! Yesterday is today, and I think that groundhog had something to do with it!
Blythe: Russell, maybe you just think you've met Harold before. That sort of thing happens all the time.
Russell: No, I met him when he was here yesterday! And it didn't go so well.
Blythe: Then look at today as a second chance to get to know him better.
Russell: No, thanks. I've already suffered through one day of that insufferable suffer-meister! If anyone needs me, I'll be hiding in the corner until this day is over.
[Ice cream truck]
Zoe: [Singing] Dance like you know you can!
Harold: Timber! Yeah, timber!
[Upbeat music]
Harold: Before the invention of the wooden easil... the earliest known magic trick... the best bamboo comes from Indiana!
Russell: What is going ooooooooooooon! [Crash]
Blythe: You really think you've already lived this day twice?
Russell: Yes, and that's two times too many.
Blythe: Well, maybe you're looking at it all wrong. Maybe you're getting a chance to fix things.
Russell: Hmm, a chance to fix things!
[Rock music]
[Sander whirring]
Blythe: Harold, your owner's here! Time to go!
Russell: Well, I've repaired everything in the day camp. Arrivederci, Harold Winston! Arrivederci!
Russell: [Sigh] A new day!
[Ice cream truck]
Russell: Hello there, Vinnie! Notice anything different today?
Vinnie: Uh, your hair's a little less spiky?
Russell: That's what I like to hear! Everything appears to be back to normal-
Blythe: Good morning, pets! I want you to meet our new day camper.
Russell: No! He can't be!
Harold: Harold Winston, family Sciuridae, order Rodentianatta.
Russell: This can't be happening again! I've already fixed everything! He's not supposed to be here!
Blythe: Are you okay, Russell?
Russell: Nothing matters! None of it matters! It's all just going to happen again and again! No matter what I do!
Blythe: Russell, do you want me to call the vet?
Russell: Call the vet? Why? You'll just have to call him again tomorrow! [Laughing insanely]
Minka: Russell! What are you doing?!
Russell: [Laughing insanely]
Blythe: Russell, that's enough!
Russell: Nothing's enough! Nothing will ever be enough! [Laughing insanely]
Blythe: Russell, stop! I'm going to call the vet!
Russell: Get back! All of you! I have outlet covers, and I'm not afraid to use 'em!
Harold: It's alright, everyone, give the hedgehog some space.
Russell: Stay back, Harold! I don't know what kind of game you're playing, but I've had enough!
Harold: I play no games, my friend. Now please, put the outlet cover down.
Pepper: What's wrong with you, Russell?
Vinnie: Oh, he's going completely batty!
Fruit Bat: Was that comment really necessary?
Vinnie: Sorry.
Russell: It doesn't matter what any of you say, it doesn't even matter what I say! This day is just going to start all over again tomorrow!
Harold: Let me see if I can talk to him. It's just as I thought. I knew a hedgehog once in Peru who acted just like this. 
Russell: Peru, eh?
Harold: Yeah, that's right. Carlos was his name.
Russell: Carlos the hedgehog from Peru. Are you sure?
Harold: Yes, he was definitely from Peru.
Russell: Hedgehogs come from Europe, Asia, and Africa! And you know what's not in Europe, Asia, or Africa! PERU! There are no hedgehogs native to the Americas! [Laughing insanely] Yeah, that's right! I said it!
Harold: But, my dear hedgehog, how do you explain yourself?
Russell: [Laughing insanely]
Harold: Come, pets. I've found it's best in these cases to leave the hedgehog alone with his thoughts.
Russell: Ahhh, why not? [Screaming] [Crash]
[Ice cream truck]
Zoe: [Singing] Dance like you know you can!
Harold: Timber!
Pets: Timber!
Zoe: Oh, thank you, everyone!
Russell: [Humming] Huh! Hey, Zoe, that song you were singing is on your mp3 player. May I borrow it?
Zoe: Of course, Russell. But you've never shown much interest in my music before.
Russell: Guess I never had time before.
Russell: Zoe, may I borrow your mp3 player?
Zoe: But Russell, you're not into music.
Russell: I know, but I really like that song you're going to sing later.
Russell: May I borrow your mp3 player?
Zoe: You want to borrow my- ?
Russell: I've been studying musical theory. You really do have excellent pitch!
Zoe: Ah!
Zoe: [Singing] Dance like you know you can!
Russell: [Singing] Dance like you know you can! Ooh! Like you know you can! Dance like you know you can! Come on, baby, dance! Move your feet to the beat!
Zoe & Russell: [Singing] Dance like you know you can! 
Russell: [Singing] Dance like you know you caaaaaaaaaaaan!
Harold: Timber!
Pets: Timber!
Zoe: Russell, I don't know what to say!
Russell: I finally get it, Zoe. I understand why you love music so much.
Zoe: You do?
Russell: Yes, I feel it!
Zoe: Exactly!
[Ice cream truck]
[Upbeat music]
Russell: I tell you, Blythe, waking every morning to face the exact same day has really given me time to appreciate the other pets' passions!
Blythe: Are you feeling okay, Russell?
Russell: Oh, I feel as good as I have in a looong time! I know my friends better now than before this day started, so many days ago!
Blythe: If you really do feel like you're stuck in some sort of time loop, maybe you should-
Russell: I know, I know. I should get to know Harold better, too.
Blythe: Yeah. How did you know I was going to say that?
Russell: Well, let's just say I've heard it before. But now I'm going to take your advice.
[Ice cream truck]
Russell: Hello! Welcome to Littlest Pet Shop's day camp!
Harold: Harold Winston, family Sciuridae, order Rodentianatta.
Russell: I know, I know. My name's Russell.
Harold: Ah, a marvelous specimen of the spiny fluffidae family.
Russell: Actually, it's- Wait, did you say marvelous?
Harold: Mm, those spines. Those claws. Quite well-groomed, hedgehog!
Russell: Oh, gee, [Chuckle] thanks!
Vinnie: Come on in, Harold! We'll show you around!
Russell: Ah! Stop!
Zoe: Russell! What are you doing?
Sunil: You could've really hurt Harold!
Russell: I was trying to stop him from getting hurt! He was about to step on this loose floorbooooaaaaard! [Thud] Oww... [Groaning]
Harold: Hey, uh, are you alright there, hedgehog?
Russell: Guh, I've gotta fix that board! Again!
Harold: Someone certainly should. It's a well-known fact that 93 percent of all pet shop injuries are preventable.
Russell: Hey, that's right! You've got that fact correct!
Harold: Ah, of course. But between you and me, I do occasionally misspeak. A product of just too many factoids floating around in my brain, I'm afraid.
Russell: Well, it certainly sounds like you know your safety.
Harold: Oh, I do. And loose floorboards are a particular bugaboo of mine.
Russell: Well, what do you say we teach that loose board some manners?
[Rock music]
[Squeaky hammers pounding]
Harold: Ah, but the world record for days without an accident came from a small smelting factory in Manila. 4,720 days of blissful safety.
Russell: Are you sure? I thought the record was 3,399 days from that king crab cannery in Alaska.
Harold: No, I'm quite certain that record came from-
Blythe: Harold, your owner's here. Time to go. So, did you have a nice day?
Harold: I most certainly did. It's not often one finds such a kindred spirit, especially of the hedge variety.
Russell: I'm glad we spent this day together too. See you again tomorrow.
Blythe: I don't think so, Russell. Harold was only here for today.
Russell: We'll see.
Russell: Hey, has anyone seen Harold today?
Sunil: Harold Winston the groundhog? He was here yesterday.
Zoe: Yes, Russell, darling. Harold was just a one-day day camper.
Russell: You mean... yesterday is finally over?
Vinnie: Uh, yeah, that's why it's called yester-day.
Russell: Well, Harold may not have gotten his facts right. But after spending all those days with him, I'm actually going to miss that guy.
Russell: You know, Blythe, I have to admit, I'm a little sad to see yesterday go. But it was worth every minute to be able to learn so much about my friends. And I finally fixed that pesky floorboard. Yes, ma'am, I am definitely turning over a new leaf here at Littlest Pet Shop! I'll never get frustrated with another day camper again, no matter what!
Blythe: Well, that's good, because we have a new day camper coming in today.
Russell: Really? Who?
Blythe: A... parakeet called Crash Dangerfeather. It says here she's already been kicked out of three day camps for being reckless and unsafe. With your new accepting attitude, maybe you can be Crash's friend and show her around.
[End credits]