Littlest Pet Shop (2012 TV series) Wiki
Littlest Pet Shop (2012 TV series) Wiki
Physical Information
Species Ferret
Sex Female
Personal Information
Residence Korea
Family Unnamed owner
Production Information
Debut Tongue Tied
Voiced by Aileen Yoo

Jebbie is a ferret who only appeared in Tongue Tied. In some merchandise, her name is given as Jebbie Cho.


Jebbie speaks Korean almost exclusively (and a small bit of English). She lost her owner at the Downtown City Airport, so she came to Blythe for help, but Blythe could not understand her; likewise, Minka and her poor translation skills had her under the impression that Jebbie was from somewhere in Iceland. Blythe asked her many questions, but none were right. Blythe got Youngmee to translate her language and found out she lost her owner. Blythe and Minka managed to get her to the airport and reunite her with her owner.


Jebbie Toy.png

Upon the Franchise Re-Invention, before Jebbie had debuted, a ferret toy with a similar coloration to Jebbie was released, named Farrah May.

In December 2014, a toy of Jebbie Cho was announced to be available in mid-2015. With the ID #3848, she comes in the "Fun Park" style set.[1] The figure is listed in the toyline's "Sweet Smiles" group.


  • "Naega gonghangeseo nae sangjaeseo nawaseo nan nae juineul ireosseoyo." (내가 공항에서 내 상자에서 나와서 난 내 주인을 잃었어요.)
    • Translation: "I came out of my box at the airport and I have lost my owner."
  • "Han jojebi, han jojebi!" (한(국) 족제비, 한(국) 족제비!)
    • Translation: "Korean weasel! Korean weasel!"
  • "Naneun Hangugeseo yeogiro narawasseoyo." (나는 한국에서 여기로 날아왔어요.)
    • Translation: "I flew here from Korea."
  • "Jigeum!" (지금!)
    • Translation: "Now!"
  • "Thank you."


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