Joey Featherton
Joey Featherton crop
Physical Information
Species Pigeon
Sex Male
Personal Information
Residence Downtown City Park
Production Information
Debut Heart of Parkness
Voiced by Peter New

Joey Featherton is a pigeon who lives with a tribe of raccoons at Downtown City Park, allegedly as their best friend.


  •  Joey claims to be a "pigeon at large". This indicates that he may something of a criminal history.
    •  Alternatively, given his already questionable mental status, he could just be making that up.
  •  According to writer Adam Beechen, his name is a parody of Joey Heatherton and likely a joke from the producers.[1]
  •  He was inspired by the American Photojournalist played by the late Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now[2] who was the film's equivalent to the "harlequin" or Russian sailor in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness.


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