Joey Featherton

Joey Featherton
Joey Featherton crop.jpg
Physical Information
Species Pigeon
Sex Male
Personal Information
Residence Downtown City Park
Production Information
Debut Heart of Parkness
Voiced by Peter New

Joey Featherton is a pigeon who lives with a tribe of raccoons at Downtown City Park, allegedly as their best friend.


  •  Joey claims to be a "pigeon at large". This indicates that he may something of a criminal history.
    •  Alternatively, given his already questionable mental status, he could just be making that up.
  •  According to writer Adam Beechen, his name is a parody of Joey Heatherton and likely a joke from the producers.[1]
  •  He was inspired by the American Photojournalist played by the late Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now,[2] who was the film's equivalent to the "harlequin" or Russian sailor in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness.


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