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Josh Sharp
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Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Male
Personal Information
Aliases Scar-boy (by Blythe)
Occupation Student
Largest Ever Pet Shop employee (formerly)
Residence 221 Poe Street, Downtown City
Family Fluffy Lighting (pet)
Production Information
Debut Blythe's Crush
Voiced by Sam Vincent

"Josh is a great teen with impeccable hair."

Joshua "Josh" Sharp is a student at Downtown City High, whom Blythe has a crush on. He is part of a skateboard crew called The Red Rippers, plays the guitar at a rock band, and enjoys reading.

He has light skin, brown hair and green eyes. He has a tiny scar on his left cheek, which he got "doing one of his dumber stunts".


Blythe met Josh while rollerblading with Sue at the park. She bumped into Josh and fell in love, charmed by his appearance. Realizing he had dropped his keys, Blythe tried to find him, with Zoe's company and advice of having Sunil's psychic powers to help. They tracked his movements from the library to the indoor skateboard track and back to the park, where Josh was performing with his band. Blythe returned Josh's keys, and he gave her a hug for her trouble.

He a couple of brief appearances in Helicopter Dad. When Roger was spending the day with Blythe at school, he made a few embarrassing comments about her in front of Josh. Later that day, Josh visited Littlest Pet Shop looking for dog whistles and caught Blythe dancing with her father.

In Secret Cupet, Youngmee suggested Blythe to write a love letter to him, to help her relieve her feelings about him. It was not supposed to be sent but accidentally was when her dad found it near her trash can. He appears after Blythe runs across town after the letter, and then he was put under a love spell by the Secret Cupid. The episode ended with him staring dreamily at Blythe.

He got a job at Largest Ever Pet Shop, as of Fish Out of Water, prompting Blythe to stalk him out of worry. She discovers that the Biskit Twins also had a romantic obsession over him. After a misunderstanding, Josh loses his job, but is not affected.

Russell caught him plundering Blythe's design cards from the recycling bin in Back Window. Despite the other pets' disbelief and insistence that "Josh is a great teen with impeccable hair", Blythe believed Russell and agreed to observe Josh. It turned out Josh was preparing a surprise for Blythe, using her discarded designs.



  • In three of his eight episodes, Blythe has her hair in pigtails.
  • He was absent in Season 2.


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