Juan Jorge José
Physical Information
Species Dog
Sex Male
Personal Information
Occupation Commercial actor
Residence Hollywood
Downtown City (formerly)
Production Information
Debut So Interesting
"Isn't that the dog who does those hilarious flips in the dog treat commercials? It's adorable how he gets those stubby legs up in the--"
Blythe Baxter, So Interesting

Juan Jorge José is a dog who was once in love with Zoe. He works for dog treat commercials.

Zoe told the pets and Blythe about him in So Interesting, when they were telling each other the most interesting thing that had ever happened to them.


He and Zoe met on a modeling job for a dog food commercial. He fell in love with her, but she was more interested about being photographed.

He wanted Zoe to escape with him to Hollywood, where he would make movies and she would raise a litter of puppies at home. But Zoe preferred to stay in Downtown City, where people would take pictures of her.

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