Ling Jun
Ling Jung
Physical Information
Species Panda
Sex Female
Appearance Blue and white, Purple eyes
Personal Information
Residence Shanghai, China
Family Penny Ling (cousin), Ling Pen (brother), Jun Ling (sister).
Production Information
Debut Shanghai Hi-Jinks

Ling Jun is a panda bear that lives in the place called Shanghai. She is the cousin of Penny Ling, and sister of Ling Pen and Jun Ling. She appears in the episode Shanghai Hi-Jinks.


Ling Jun is a white headed panda with dark purple colored eyes and powder blue circles around them. Her ears and tail are also powder blue, as is her body, which has white going down the front center. Her arms and legs are also blue, but she has white on her toes, and on her palms.



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