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Blythe: Okay. Awesome. There we go, not too shabby!
Sunil: Hmm. To the contrary, it is quite shabby. In fact, I quite believe it is the most shabby outfit I have ever seen! [Beat] Err, so now I am guessing the word "shabby" is not a compliment?
Blythe: [Laughs] Not really, Sunil. It means old and kind of worn out. 
Sunil: [Awkard laugh] Oops, sorry! In that case, it is the least shabby outfit I have ever seen. It is most un-shabby indeed!
[Car horn]
Roger: Blythe, Mrs. Twombly! I did it, I finally did it!
Mrs. Twombly: Now Roger, I'm sure that whatever it is you've done, a sincere apology will go a long way towards setting things right. I don't hear any sirens. Yet.
Blythe: What did you finally do, dad?
Roger: Follow me! Ta-da!
Blythe: Wow, a... trailer!
Roger: Not just any trailer, it's the Rueger 3400 Mini Tent Camper! When I was a kid, we used to go camping all the time, but just in ordinary tents. The fancy campers all had fancy tent trailers. I found that one day I would be a fancy camper and I would own one of these beauties! [Laughs] [Kiss]
Minka: Eh, we all have our dreams.
Roger: Just think, Blythe - we can go camping in the national forest any time we want! You know, collect abandoned bird nests, weigh minnows, look for... Bigfoot!
Mrs. Twombly: Bigfoot? The hairy monster thing?
Vinnie & Sunil: [Frightened] Hairy monster?!
Blythe: Now it all makes sense! Bigfoot's always been a secret passion of my dad's, but I think he'd probably fall into a hole if he ever actually saw him.
Roger: So, Blythe, what do you say we go camping this weekend?
Blythe: Well... 
Pets: [Animal sounds]
Blythe: Can the pets come, too?
Roger: I don't have a problem with that. What do you say, Mrs. Twombly? 
Mrs. Twombly: Animals in nature, hmm... Oh, why not? Just make sure you get permission from their owners.
Blythe: Right. I think this going to be fun!
Vinnie: [To Sunil] Have you ever heard of this Bigfoot character?
Sunil: I must confess that I have not, nor have I seen a scary movie about the aforementioned creature!
Vinnie: Yeah, me neither. You know what this means, don't you?
Sunil: Yes!
Vinnie: It's a new monster! [Gulp]
[theme song]
[Upbeat theme]
Roger: Okay, everybody, we're here! 
Pets: [Animal sounds]
Pepper: [Inhale] [Exhale] I smell nature, and I like it!
Zoe: I just love camping! Sleeping on the ground, the smell of fresh pine in the morning, cooking kibble over an open flame!
Pepper: You do know we're camping, not glamping, right?
Russell: What's glamping?
Zoe: Glamping, or glamorous camping, is delightful, but no, give me a bed of leaves and a blanket of stars and I'm happy camper! Literally!
Blythe: Dad!
Roger: [Awkward laugh] Sorry about that, the old back gets a little stiff after a long drive. I'll set up the trailer, why don't you start unloading the car?
Blythe: Okay.
Roger: This is all so cool, Blythe. I was on the web last night and I found out there's been over a dozen Bigfoot sightings in the area this year. Over a dozen! Can you believe it?
Roger: No, but I'll take your word for it.
Sunil: Did he just say there are over a dozen Bigfoot monsters living in the very same area that we are currently inhabiting?
Vinnie: Something like that, but the bottom line is that we gotta figure out a way to protect ourselves and all of our friends too!
Sunil: How do we do that?
Vinnie: By setting up some kind of Bigfoot trap, of course!
Sunil: Oh, Vinnie, for a small-brained reptile, you come up with some amazingly intelligent ideas!
Vinnie: Heh, thanks! Hey!
Penny Ling: Oh! It's so pretty out here!
Zoe: Well, I've gathered all the firewood, marked several trails, and whittled this divining stick so we can find fresh water.
Pepper: Who are you?
Zoe: Your guide to all things natural! These Douglas firs create a lovely canopy, and the edelweiss underfoot - ah, nature's beautiful carpet!
Blythe: Well said, scoutmaster Zoe!
Russell: [Inhales] [Exhales] The whole place feels alive!
Blythe: I know! Maybe we should do this more often!
Russell: Maybe! [Yelp] Where'd he come from?!
Pepper: Aaand maybe not.
[Car horn]
Fisher: [Inhales] [Exhales] I smell money! 
Whittany: Ugh! A little heavy on the earthtones, wouldn't you say, Brittany?
Brittany: Totes! Like blegh, Whittany! Daddy, you said nature was beautiful. We think it's, like, drab.
Fisher: I said the profits to be made from nature are beautiful. Don't worry, girls, we'll be out of here as soon as I can grind me up some forest.
Fisher: Behold - the essence of Fisher Biskit's pine fresh pet shampoo! It only takes one tree to get a whole drop of the stuff! Impressed, girls?
Brittany: Like, yay.
Whittany: We're so proud, and stuff.
Brittany: Chances of picking up a signal in this dump, next to nothing.
Minka: Ooh, you're good! 
Blythe: Aw, go on! No, seriously, go on. 
Minka: And... you dress nice?
Blythe & Minka: [Laughing]
Penny Ling: Mmm, nature's colorful candy! Mmm!
Penny Ling: Oh, hello! I've never seen anything like you before! Care for some flowers?
Vinnie: And I'm telling you, there is a monster called Bigfoot! Blythe's dad says so!
Russell: He has no proof. Look, I don't mind helping you guys relax by working on your silly trap, but I want you to know that the only thing you're going to catch in it is one of us who isn't paying attention.
Sunil: Russell, I am telling you that you will be quite relieved when the twelve monstrous Bigfoot monsters are staring up at us with their monstrous, gnashing teeth, and dirty, monstrous fingernails!
Vinnie: Twelve?! We're gonna need a bigger hole!
Russell: [Sigh]
Pepper: Psst, Zoe! Why don't you pop some popcorn?
Zoe: Why?
Pepper: 'Cause this is gonna be a great show! Roger's gonna set up a camper!
Roger: Hm? [Grunt] [Straining]
Zoe & Pepper: [Laughing]
Blythe: Hey, guys, what's up?
Roger: [Straining]
Blythe: Dad!
Roger: Whoaaa! Hello, birdies! Aaaaah! [Thud] Ooh! Oh, boy! Heh, isn't this fun? [Thud]
Vinnie: Ah! What is that?!
Sunil: Indeed, what is that?!
Blythe: Okay, everybody, calm down. It's probably nothing.
Pets: [Screaming]
Pepper: Okay, Ms. Outdoors Lady, what's that sound?
Zoe: Nothing I've ever heard before!
Penny Ling: Hi, everyone, what's up?
Pets: Penny Ling!
Blythe: Where have you been?
Penny Ling: Picking flowers with my new friend.
Vinnie: Penny Ling, does your new friend have sharp claws?
Sunil: Pointy, dagger-like teeth?
Vinnie & Sunil: And very big feet?
Penny Ling: [Laughing] No, sillies!
All sans Penny Ling: [Relieved sighs]
Penny Ling: Mmm. Her feet aren't that big.
Zoe: Aah! Ugh! I wish they would just stop! I can't understand a word they're saying and I speak pretty good howl!
Penny Ling: You can't understand them because they're not real.
Blythe: What's that?
Penny Ling: My new friend just told me that those howling noises are coming from fake forest animals, not real ones.
Pepper: So, Penny Ling, what's with this new friend stuff?
Russell: Let me guess, it's another one of your "interesting stories"?
Penny Ling: This isn't a story! I'm telling the truth!
Sunil: Of course the howls are not coming from real forest animals, they're coming from a real Bigfoot! Right, Vincent?
Vinnie: Right, Sunil! And don't call me Vincent!
Blythe: You know, I can't understand those howls, either. Which means that Penny Ling is right about them coming from fake forest animals. I'm going to go check this out.
Vinnie: Don't leave us!
Pets: [Chatter]
Whittany: [Groaning] I still can't get a signal! 
Brittany: Uuuugh, neither can I!
Blythe/Biskits: What are you doing here?
Whittany: We asked you first.
Blythe: No, you didn't. Are you two spying on me?
Brittany: Ha! Why would people like us bother spying on people like you?
Whittany: Ugh, yeah. We're just trying to get a signal for our phones.
Blythe: Forget all that. What I meant was, why are you camping? I mean, all of this doesn't really seem like your thing.
Whittany: Oh, that. Well, we have this, like, uh, ginormous RV.
Brittany: That means, like, rich peoples' vehicle.
Blythe: Not quite.
Whittany: Anyway, it's got a flat screen in it which is huu-uge.
Brittany: Probably bigger than your entire apartment, Blythe!
Biskits: Nice!
Blythe: Wrap it up, ladies.
Whittany: So, like, we were in there watching it when suddenly daddy climbs in and drives off.
Brittany: And next thing we know, we're, like, here.
Blythe: But why here?
Whittany: Ugh, who knows? Daddy mentioned something about plans for this waste of real estate, but we space out when he changes the subject from us to something else. Don't we, Britt?
Brittany: Hmm? Sorry, I was texting something interesting about me and didn't catch what you were saying.
Whittany: Ah! You got bars?
Blythe: Alright, alright, beat it, you two.
Roger: Hey-dy ho, girls! What brings you to our neck of the woods? Pun intended! [Laughs]
Brittany: Oh, we just wanted to, like, stop by and visit our, like, dear, sweet, and good friend Blythe.
Roger: Well, isn't that nice, huh, Blythe?
Blythe: Golden.
Roger: Say, as long as you girls are in the area, would you mind keeping an eye out for Bigfoot?
Whittany: Ew, he's hairy!
Brittany: Yeah, he could use some serious, like, man-scaping!
Blythe: Ugh!
Roger: Blythe and I are running a quasi-scientific research expedition and would love for you girls to keep an eye open for any sign of that big guy, you know, help us get the word out and whatnot!
Whittany: Oh, we'll get the word out about this, Mr. Baxter!
Brittany: Yeah, you can, like, count on that!
Biskits: [Laughing]
Blythe: I'll bet Blythe Baxter, Bigfoot Whacko is already trending on the cherposphere.
Roger: Hey, Blythe, I've got my observation post set up. What do you say we have some fun?
[Zoe Trent]
It's time to stop and seize the day
Pack your bags, grab your friends and just get away
As you're feeling the sun warm your heart right up
And you'll lighten your load when you go
Just go unplugged
Learn new things, get outside and just see what's there
New adventures await you can't wait to share
And you'll find that words, they just aren't enough
To describe that feeling when you go
Just go unplugged
This is the time of your life
This is the time of your life
This is the time of your life
Don't let it go by
Just go unplugged
Just go unplugged
Penny Ling: Ah, it's so peaceful and beautiful here in your forest. I wouldn't mind living here, believe you me.
Penny Ling: Of course, if I moved out here, I'd be moving away from Littlest Pet Shop. That's where I hang out every day with all my friends.
Penny Ling: [Gasp] Would you like to meet them?
Penny Ling: You would? Let's go! I'll ask them right now!
Russell: Who are you talking to, Penny Ling?
Penny Ling: My new woodland friend.
Vinnie: The one with the sharp claws?
Sunil: Pointy, dagger-like teeth?
Vinnie & Sunil: And very big feet?
Penny Ling: I told you, her feet aren't that big. And between you and me, she's kinda sensitive about it, so zip it!
Blythe: Penny Ling, this isn't another one of your stories, is it?
Penny Ling: No!
Zoe: Sweetie, I know that this much fresh air can be a little overwhelming. We outdoorsy types call it "Nature Madness"; maybe you have a touch of that.
Penny Ling: I'm perfectly fine and my friend is perfectly real!
Fisher: It's quiet out here. Too quiet. [Gasp] What the what?!
Fisher: [Gasp] The engine is gone! 
Brittany: Is that a problem?
Fisher: Gah, who would do such a thing?! This forest is so uncivilized! [Grumbling]
Whittany: Ugh, I hate seeing daddy suffering like this.
Brittany: Me too.
Whittany: I'm sure that Blythe is behind it all.
Brittany: Really? Why?
Whittany: Like, because she's mean, like, nasty! You know, Blythe!
Fisher: Ah, thank goodness for that auxiliary engine and the auto repair feature for all the rest of it!
Biskits: Yay, good for you, daddy.
[Engine whirring]
Whittany: We need to teach Blythe, like, a lesson.
Brittany: What do you have in mind?
Whittany: Hold on, I'm thinking. [Straining] Brittany, I have an idea!
Minka: I haven't seen Penny Ling since she got mad and left. You think she's okay?
Blythe: I know what will bring her back. Penny Ling, snack time!
Penny Ling: Ooh, my favorite time of day! What's the snack?
Blythe: They're called s'mores. 
Minka: Blythe, what's a s'ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-more?
Blythe: Only the most famous and delicious campfire treat of all time.
Minka: Ooh, how do you make 'em?
Blythe: First, you take a stick, and then you poke it through a marshmallow.
Russell: Marshmallow?!
Blythe: Then you cook it over the fire.
Pets: Ahh!
Blythe: Then you put it between two squares of graham crackers along with a piece of chocolate, or a pet-friendly substitute, which would be... nothing.
Sunil: Sounds delicious!
Blythe: Okay, so here are the sticks. Here's the graham crackers. And here are the marshmallows.
Russell: A whole bag of marshmallows?! 
Pepper: Aaaand he's gone.
Blythe: Oh, sorry, Russell! I completely forgot about your marshmallow phobia!
Russell: They creep me out with their puffy squishiness!
Pets: [Screaming]
Russell: Are the marshmallows attacking everyone?!
Sunil: It is two of the twelve Bigfoots!
Vinnie: [Gasp] There must be, uh, ten more in the woods! 
Blythe: Two Bigfoots, huh? Oh, my! I am so very scared! There are not one, but two Bigfoots about to eat us all!
Brittany: Like, rawr! We're the Bigfoots your dad is looking for!
Whittany: No, we're Bigfeets! It's plural.
Sunil: Uh, they're surprisingly eloquent for forest monsters.
Brittany: I didn't want to do it. She talked me into it.
Blythe: Aren't you two ashamed of yourselves trying to scare us all again?
Whittany: We might be ashamed.
Brittany: If we knew what that meant.
Blythe: Who's that, your dad?
Whittany: Ugh. No, it's just a real Bigfoot.
Brittany: Yeah, just a real-
Biskits: Biiiiiiiigfooooot! [Screaming] 
Brittany: Daddy! Please take us back to the city! 
Whittany: This stupid forest is full of all kinds of unpleasant creatures!
Brittany: Like Bigfoot!
Whittany: And Blythe!
Fisher: Ugh! With pleasure! I'm tired of this place too! I turn my back for one moment and the next thing I know, the mechanical arms have fallen off again! I've had more than enough of this overrated nature stuff! Girls, we're going home! 
Blythe: Penny Ling, come back!
Penny Ling: This is the new forest friend that I've been telling you about. Her name is Mushroom!
Mushroom: [Chirrup] Hello!
Vinnie & Sunil: [Screaming] It talks! It talks!
Mushroom: Looks like a classic case "Nature Madness!" [Chirrup]
Zoe: As you correctly point out, Mushroom, many domesticated pets often have difficulty adjusting to the natural world when released into the wild. In Vinnie and Sunil's case, they're just dopes.
Blythe: I know that I speak for everyone when I say that we're sorry for doubting you, Penny Ling.
Penny Ling: No need to apologize. See, Mushroom? Didn't I tell you they were nice?
Mushroom: Mm, yes, they are much nicer than those forest breakers who were not very nice at all.
Blythe: You must mean the Biskits.
Mushroom: I spent the whole day doing everything I could think of to keep their nasty metal monster from ruining the forest. [Chirrup] First, I made its grabbies fall off, and then I made its rolly feet go whoosh! And then I took out its noisy boom boom that made everything go!
Roger: [Groan] What a waste of time! I sat in that rope seat for the last four hours and didn't see a thing! Oh, well now! Who's this little cutie?
Blythe: Oh, no one. Just a real Bigfoot.
Roger: What?! [Stammering] A- a- ra- real B-b-b-b-Biiiigfoooot! [Screaming] [Thud]
Blythe: OMG, I was right!
Mushroom: [Chirrup] I've seen that before.
All: Bigfoot madness! [Laughing]
[End credits]