ليتليست بيت شوب (Lītilīst Bēt Šōb) was previously aired on mbc3 and now episodes are hosted on their website.


小小寵物店 (Siú siú cúngmaht dim) was previously aired on 翡翠台 in Hong Kong.


Littlest Pet Shop (or Pet šhopáci on Minimax) previously aired on both Minimax and TV Barrandov in the Czech Republic.

Portuguese (Brazil)

Littlest Pet Shop airs on both Nickelodeon from 2013 and Nick Jr. from 2015 in Brazil with an L rating. It is currently airing.

Nickelodeon: Sunday – 8:00
Nick Jr.: Monday – 18:00; Tuesday to Friday – 00:00 & 18:00; Saturday – 00:00, 15:00, & 21:00; Sunday – 15:00 & 21:00

Portuguese (Portugal)

Littlest Pet Shop currently airs on both Disney Channel and SIC in Portugal under a T rating in Portugal.

Disney Channel: Mondays to Fridays – 8:25 WET & 17:35 WET
SIC: Sundays – 1:45 WET

Serbian (Minimax version)

Prodavnica Najmanjih Ljubimaca is currently not aired. Season 3 was the recently aired season.

Serbian (Mini version)

Prodavnica Najmanjih Ljubimaca currently airs season 2 on Mini as its only dubbed season.

Mini: Mondays to Sundays - 1:21 CET, 6:50 CET, 14:50 CET, 17:55 CET, 22:30 CET


Trgovinica za hišne ljubljenčke currently airs season 2 on Minimax.

Minimax: Mondays to Saturdays - 9:30 CET, 17:30 CET
Minimax: Sundays - 17:30 CET

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