Littlest Pet Shop (2012 TV series) Wiki

Article Naming

Unnamed Pets

  • Many background pets in the show do not have names onscreen. However, you can find their names in the merchandies, even if they are not credited as such. As part of the franchise reinvention, Hasbro released many toys based off of background pets from the show at the New York Toy Fair in February 2014. Check all press and if you find a match for the background pet, message an admin to get approval for creating a page.

Character Names and Article Names

  • The full name of your character (first and last name) should be the name of your character's article. If your character's last name is unknown, then only use a first name. If your character is nameless, try to see if there is a merchandise toy that matches the nameless pet you want to make a page for. If it is a human or you cannot find a match for your pet, then do not add a page for your character.

Article Content

  • Only make pages for canonical content (characters, episodes, locations, objects etc. that APPEAR in the show and have a confirmed name).
  • Pages that have very little information should be marked as article stubs.
  • If information that is true, but was not shown in the series applies to the subject of an article, cite the reference source that shows it is true (make sure your sources are credible – this means no fanon websites).
  • Use correct spelling and grammar in articles.
  • Use language that makes it seem like the character, location, or object is real. Use an in-universe point of view, as if Littlest Pet Shop was real. Use language that represents that as such (except for when you include voice actors and debuts, in which case it is fine to use out-of-universe language). So, in conclusion, you use in-universe descriptive language as if you are on the other side of the fourth wall, for everything except the introduction paragraph, due to the nature of including voice actors and debuts, which break the fourth wall.
  • Use canonical information only. Here is what this wiki considers 'canonical'
  • Here is a list of official Littlest Pet Shop media, but media that we do not recognize as canonical:
    • LPS Games, of any sort, are NOT canonical, because they have no storyline and may be contradictory from the TV series, our primary source for canonical information.
    • LPS Comics, any issue, because they are also contradictory to the TV series.
    • LPS: A World Of Our Own (the second LPS TV series), because the 2012 TV series is set in a different content universe. Thus, it is not considered canonical.
  • Every article should have these vital things:
    • An introductory paragraph
    • An infobox (unless it is a list, gallery, user page, template page or media page)
    • Categories (minimally one; NOT including 'article stubs' category)
    • At least one image

Edit Wars

  • The Littlest Pet Shop (2012 TV series) Wiki defines an edit war as:
    • Two or more users arguing over an edit on a page, in which at least three edit reverts occur.
  • If you ever find yourself in an edit war, consult an admin. The admins will discuss, and decide which edit properly suits the page.


  • When using verbs in an article:
    • For an episode summary, use present tense verbs, due to the step-by-step like nature of summaries.
    • For character histories, use past tense verbs.
    • For upcoming content, use 'will' before verbs.

Spelling variations

  • Because Littlest Pet Shop is an American series, we use American English spelling and grammar on this wiki. Please do not use Canadian spelling variations or British spelling variations (such as colour instead of color, aeroplane instead of airplane, theatre instead of theater, etc.)