Littlest Pet Street - Part 2
Finale 118
Season 4, Episode 26
Production Information
Air DateJune 4, 2016
Written byDavid Shayne
Supervising directorJoel Dickie
Directed bySteven Garcian Garcia
MMike Myhre
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Littlest Pet Street - Part 1N/A

Littlest Pet Street - Part 2 is the twenty-sixth episode of the fourth season of Littlest Pet Shop and the one hundred and fourth episode overall.


While Mrs. Twombly is desperate to get everything ready for the grand opening of Littlest Pet Street, Blythe, Roger and the pets try desperately to get off the island.




  • This episode is the series finale, unless a petition requesting additional seasons passes through.
  • It is revealed that Roger knew about Blythe's ability to talk to animals all along. Apparently, he knew his late wife had the same gift.
  • This is the only time Blythe calls Roger 'Daddy'. The scene from So You Skink You Can Dance does not count, as that was a flashback of Blythe as a little girl practicing magic.
  • Despite this being the finale, a polish commercial that takes place after the events of this episode was released on August 31.



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