Physical Information
Species Robot
Personal Information
Occupation Security guard
Residence Largest Ever Pet Shop
Production Information
Debut Gailbreak!
Voiced by Peter New
"Prime directive: Obey Biskit voice commands."
—Monban, Gailbreak!

Monban-5000, more often referred simply as Monban, is the Largest Ever Pet Shop's high-tech security guard robot, manufactured in Osaka, Japan. He takes orders from the Biskit Twins and Fisher Biskit.


He first appeared in Gailbreak!, where he prevented the Littlest Pet Shop pets to rescue Gail from the Largest Ever Pet Shop's pet-designated area.

Monban was the driver of the Biskit Twins Lunch Truck in Super Sunil. He is able to hack into the traffic lights and reprogram them to change from Red to Green. The only problem with the Biskit Twins' plan was Monban allowing pedestrians to cross the street, which slowed them down.

Monban next appeared in Sleeper, shredding copies of Tres Blasé for the twins. He is then charged by Fisher with finding out why Littlest Pet Shop is so popular. After a series of computations, Monban declares the answer to be "love," mystifying the Biskits.

In Hamster Hoods, Monban was blamed for failing to prevents things being stolen from Largest Ever Pet Shop. In the end, it was revealed that the "stolen" items were actually discarded wares that Monban did not realize had been thrown out.



  • In Hamster Hoods, it is revealed that Monban actually does have emotions. However, he has only been seen being sad.
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