Anna Twombly
Mrs Twombly
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Female
Personal Information
Occupation Littlest Pet Shop owner;
Retired Kung Fu Quilting master
Residence Littlest Pet Shop
Family Esther (aunt)
Unknown sister
Unknown cousin[1]
Henrietta Twombly (great-great-grandmother)
Production Information
Debut Blythe's Big Adventure Part One
Voiced by Kathleen Barr

Anna Twombly, often addressed simply as Mrs. Twombly or Mrs. T, is the owner of Littlest Pet Shop. She hired Blythe as a part-time employee after her fashion expertise saved the shop.


Mrs. Twombly is an eccentric and kind woman. She cares a great deal for the pet shop and the pets and her heart is in the right place. She tends to be too confiding (as shown in Pawlm Reading) and her taste in fashion is extravagant, but the most of people who know her respect her for the cheerful mood, kindness, and devotion to her number one calling: Littlest Pet Shop.

Despite her otherwise perky nature, she can become rather frustrated on occasion. She also has a tendency to go off the deep end when she is cleaning the shop.

Mrs. Twombly has a well-known obsession with collecting door knobs, which is also her hobby.


Though she is elderly, Mrs. Twombly has surprisingly youthful features. She has grey hair with notable white streaks, light green eyes, prominent cheekbones, and a beauty mark above her lips. In her youth, she had dark red hair.

She wears a dark red dress with yellow sunflower-like designs, a black necklace and black bracelet on her right wrist, as well as a black belt. She usually wears reading glasses with a chain and black high heel shoes.


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  1. Blythe's Big Adventure Part One
  2. Blythe's Big Adventure Part Two
  3. Bad Hair Day
  4. Penny For Your Laughs
  5. Mean Isn't Your Color
  6. Russell Up Some Fun
  7. Dumb Dumbwaiter
  8. Eve of Destruction
  9. Books and Covers
  10. Trading Places
  11. Helicopter Dad
  12. What Did You Say?
  13. Bakers and Fakers (cameo)
  14. Lotsa Luck
  15. Door-Jammed
  16. Blythe's Pet Project
  17. Summertime Blues
  18. Missing Blythe
  19. The Nest Hats Craze!
  20. Eight Arms to Hold You
  21. Pawlm Reading
  22. The Treasure of Henrietta Twombly
  23. What, Meme Worry?
  24. Alligators and Handbags
  25. Blythe's Big Idea
  26. Commercial Success
  27. So Interesting
  28. To Paris With Zoe
  29. Super Sunil
  30. Sweet Pepper
  31. Shanghai Hi-Jinks
  32. Grounded
  33. Inside Job
  34. Littlest Bigfoot
  35. Sunil's Sick Day
  36. Standup Stinker
  37. The Expo Factor - Part 1
  38. The Expo Factor - Part 2
  39. What's So Scary About the Jungle? Everything!


Mrs. Twombly: Don't these youngsters realize it takes twice as long to decide for their silly abbreviations as it does to state them normally in the first place? (Eight Arms to Hold You)
Mrs. Twombly: Oh! Charge, Captain Quackers! Defeat those evil, cheesy mice! Ohhh, cheesy mice, you vex me so! (Feud for Thought)
Mrs. Twombly: Oh, I just love animal puns! (Seeing Red)


  • Her first name was not revealed until Lotsa Luck.
  • Mrs. Twombly invented Kung Fu Quilting, a mix of martial arts and quilting, as a young woman when her doctor had told her to stay in bed for two weeks. She became the best in the world at the sport, but had to retire July 21, 1969 due to an injury.



  1. The three mentioned in Helicopter Dad

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