Littlest Pet Shop (2012 TV series) Wiki
Littlest Pet Shop (2012 TV series) Wiki
Physical Information
Species Sasquatch
Sex Female
Appearance Brown fur and purple eyes
Personal Information
Aliases Bigfoot
Production Information
Debut Littlest Bigfoot
Voiced by Tabitha St. Germain

Mushroom is a Sasquatch (or Bigfoot). She is very protective of her home the forest and will do anything to protect it, like destroying Brittany and Whittany's forester vehicle. She became friends with Penny Ling and the other pets. She is sensitive about her feet. The toyline gives her name as Mushroom Lee.[1]

As a Sasquatch, she was believed to be a big hairy ape man, but she is small compared to the legendary counterpart.


When the Biskit Twins went to the forest so Fisher could have the trees he needed to produce pet shampoo, Mushroom defended the place by trying to stop him whenever he was not watching. She was strong enough to steal the vehicle's engine and to break its mechanical arms, which caused Fisher to give up after some time.

Penny Ling befriended her during the pets' camping. She met her while eating some flowers and followed her to the lake, where they could chat in secret. Penny Ling told her friends about her, but they didn't believe her until Mushroom agreed to meet them.

While Brittany and Whittany were trying to scare Blythe by dressing up as Bigfeet, Mushroom showed up, scaring them away, as well as Vinnie and Sunil, and later Roger, who were all afraid of the "real Bigfoot".


A7313 LPS MushroomRacoon.jpg

Even before the episode she's featured in aired, a toy of her was shown in the announcement of the Franchise Re-Invention, early 2014. She comes - under the name Mushroom Lee - bundled with the little raccoon Sneakers Stymie in the Pet Pawsabilities assortment, along Deco-bits of a bird, mushroom and leaves.