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My Small Squirrel is not a birthname.

My Small Squirrel
Episode Blythe's Pet Project
Character(s) ?
Sung by ?
Length 0:29
Season Season 1
Episode Transcript Blythe's Pet Project

My Small Squirrel is a short song in Blythe's Pet Project.


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Blythe Baxter : Just picture it!
My small squirrel
The very smallest a squirrel can be!
My small squirrel
They`re happiest up in a tree.
Squirrel №1 : Hi Lavender! Hi Cotton Candy!
Squirrel №2 : Well, triple-hi to you, Multi Colored Stripe! Let's go make new squirrel-friends!
My small squirrel
The very s...
Shivers : Seriously?


  • It is a parody of My Little Pony, another franchise owned by Hasbro and aired on Discovery Family.


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