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Panda Elder
Panda Elder.png
Physical Information
Species Panda
Sex Male
Appearance Grey and white
Blue eyes
Personal Information
Residence Shanghai, China
Family Penny Ling, Jun Ling, Ling Jun, Ling Pen
Production Information
Debut Shanghai Hi-Jinks
Voiced by Sam Vincent

Panda Elder is a panda bear that lives with his relative's Jun Ling, Ling Pen, and Ling Jun back in Shanghai. He only appeared in Shanghai Hi-Jinks.


Panda Elder is one of Penny Ling's relatives from Shanghai, China. He only appears in the episode Shanghai Hi-Jinks. While Ling Pen invited Penny to a dinner party, the Panda Elder speaks only in Chinese, even when Penny does not know what he said.

Then after that, the panda relatives did the Dragon Dance (except for Penny, who had no room for her to fit in the dragon dance and instead aided her friends).