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Littlest Pet Shop (2012 TV series) Wiki
S3E03 Phoebe crop.png
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Female
Personal Information
Aliases Whatshername (by Mona)
Occupation Assistant of Mona Autumn
Production Information
Debut Alligators and Handbags
Voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent
"Wait? Here? Without an appointment? Well, that-- That's just not done. If Miss Autumn comes out here and finds you waiting without an appointment, she'll go nuclear! And we'll all be destroyed."
—Phoebe, Alligators and Handbags

Phoebe is the assistant of Mona Autumn. She works exhaustively with a very tight schedule, following severe exigences of her frightening boss.


In her debut appearance, Phoebe met Blythe at her appointment with Mona. When Blythe returned for a second attempt, she became concerned at the girl insisting on expecting to talk with Mona without an appointment, as Mona wouldn't even see her assistant without one. She even put on a helmet for protection.

She accompanied her boss to the International Pet Fashion Expo. They seemed happy with its outcome.

In Some Assistance Required, Phoebe decided to take her first day off ever as she felt her head would explode otherwise. That required her, her doctor, her psychiatrist, her acupuncturist, her chiropractor, and her high school guidance counselor to e-mail Mona about her need for a break. Upon the opportunity, she rushed to Blythe's help as she was the only one Mona would approve to fill in. Blythe was interested in the chance to work alongside Mona Autumn, so Phoebe gave her a list of "just a couple things" she should know before she went to work, which consisted of a heavy pile of files. She then ran excitedly to freedom, claiming there would be no possible way of reaching her for any reason.



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