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Prickly Rat is not a birthname.

Prickly Rat
S1E14 Prickly Rat crop.png
Physical Information
Species Rat
Sex Male
Personal Information
Production Information
Debut Trading Places
"Hey, beat it, hedgehog. I was here first."
—Prickly Rat, Trading Places

The Prickly Rat is an animal that infested Downtown City Junior High in Trading Places. He looks similar to Russell, which causes some confusion.


After Blythe lost Russell at school, Mr. Sawdust got a call about a prickly rat who ran right out of a girl's backpack. Russell then ran by his room's door and he went after him.

While looking for Russell, Blythe spotted movement in a trash can and checked, only to find a rat. She apologized and covered him back. Russell then tried to hide behind the trash can, but the rat told him to leave, to which Russell commented about him really being rather prickly.

After Blythe retrieved Russell, she accidentally knocked the trash can down and Mr. Sawdust found the rat. After he caught him, the rat told other rats to "keep things warm" until he got out.

A prickly rat also made a brief appearance in The Expo Factor - Part 2, when Blythe was looking in a trash can in front of Littlest Pet Shop for something she could use as a spare hitch for her scooter. She got a lollipop, which the rat got back from her before telling her to go away.