Princess Stori Jameson

Princess Stori Jameson
Princess Stori.png
Physical Information
Species Dog
Sex Male
Personal Information
Aliases Princess Stori, heart above the first I
Family Judi Jo Jameson (former owner)
Philippa (owner)
Production Information
Debut Terriers and Tiaras
Voiced by Terry Klassen
"You think that's bad, my owner's been dressing me up in pink and calling me "Princess" as long as I can remember."
—Princess Stori, Terriers and Tiaras

Princess Stori Jameson[1] is an accomplished pageant winning dog owned by Judi Jo Jameson. Despite the feminine name, Princess is actually male.


Princess Stori was one of many dogs competing in Terriers and Tiaras. He had an unbroken winning streak, having won every major pageant in the country. His fame attracted the admiration of Zoe, who stated he was the most famous dog on the pageant circuit.

He and the other pageant dogs revealed to Zoe that competitions like that were no fun, and he later joined Zoe in deserting Blythe and Judi Jo.

He gave up on competing, which Blythe communicated to Judi Jo by suggesting to her that his barking meant he did not want to compete in pageants anymore. Judi Jo was so disgusted by Stori's insubordination that she passed him on to her assistant Philippa to their great joy.



In early November 2013, a playset named Hydrant Hangout was released, including a Gail Trent toy with the ID #3613 and a Princess Stori Jameson toy with the ID #3614.[1]

In mid-February 2014, a Getting Glamorous Styling Pack was announced, featuring Princess Stori Jameson, Hisako Matson, Woolma O'Chic and Delilah Barnsley.

In August 2014, McDonald's Happy Meal toy sets included Princess Stori Jameson, as well as Minka Mark, Zoe Trent, Penny Ling, Vinnie Terrio, and Pepper Clark.


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