Principal Morris
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Male
Personal Information
Occupation Principal
Production Information
Debut Trading Places
Voiced by Peter New
"Well, that bell means get to class, Miss Baxter."
—Principal Morris, Trading Places

Principal Morris is the principal of Downtown City High. He is shown to be strict about the school's order.


He was first seen in Russell's imagination at Trading Places, giving him an award for Best Student Hedgehog Ever. After a fire alarm led students to evacuate the school as soon as Blythe and Russell arrived, he was heard over a PA informing that they had a fire alarm malfunction and asking them to disregard it and proceed to class. Later, he went to the hallway to make sure all the students would go to class after the bell rang. While looking for Russell, Blythe ran into him, thus being told to go to class immediately.

In Helicopter Dad, Blythe and Roger were sent to his room after the latter told the class to toss their books out the window. Roger then tried to gain his sympathy by commenting that square roots are useless in the real world, failing at getting him to agree. He just stared at them, visibly displeased.


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